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Mass rallies of PAME against tax-plundering

A step forward in the process of strengthening the anti-monopoly struggle

On Thursday April 8th, 2010 thousands of workers, self-employed, poor and medium sized family farmers, youth, pensioners and women followed the joint call of All Workers’ Militant front (PAME), Αll Greek Antimonopoly Rally of the self-employed and the small tradesman (PASEVE), All Peasants’ Militant Rally (PASY), Students’ Militant Front (MAS) and Greek Women Federation OGE and participated in the demonstrations held in 60 cities and towns against the capital and its governments. They demanded the plutocracy to pay for the crisis and condemned the new tax bill of the government that intensifies the tax plundering of the workers’ families granting new benefits to the big capital.

These demonstrations held in all major cities of the country constitute another step towards the strengthening of the people’s position in the coming battles.

The class oriented forces have already begun working for the 48hour nationwide strike on April 21-22 proposed by PAME in all trade unions. In its daily action PAME puts forward the escalation of the struggle in all workplaces, in universities and working neighborhoods.

In Athens a delegation of the CC of KKE headed by the GS of KKE Aleka Papariga participated amongst others in the demonstration.

“They are actually fooling the people using the bond spreads, the rates of interest and various tricks in order to deteriorate their position. Will the people continue bowing their head? Will they accept this game that aims at their total plundering and the increase of the capitalist profit making? We believe that the people will say their big NO.” commented Aleka PApariga on the governments’ arguments about the speculative games.


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