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On the court decisión about KSM

KKE salutes KSM which has taken one more step towards its legalization. The young communists of KSM achieved the repeal of the bans imposed on their organisation and the return of the case to the Ministry of Interior. The international solidarity has been essential for the achievement of this result.

However, we should not be complacent. The struggle against anticommunism continues. The class “democracy” backed by the EU and the monopolies has not stopped targeting KSM while at the same time it promotes the ban of the Communist Party of Bohemia Moravia. Furthermore, the ban of the communist parties is a fact in Baltic countries while the recent ban of the communist symbols in Poland has been put into effect. These developments highlight the need to struggle for the lift of the bans and the anticommunist persecutions and give a resolute response to the anticommunist falsification of history and the anti-socialist propaganda that targets the youth in particular.

It is not merely a matter of the communists. It concerns the labour and popular movement in each country as the anti-communist witch-hunting is fully in line with the offensive of the bourgeoisie on the workers’ and people’s rights. The coordinated action of the communist parties against imperialism can strike a decisive blow on anti-communism and pave the way for a society without exploitation, namely the socialist communist society.


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