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Message of the CC of KKE on the Workers’ May Day 2009

Comrades, workers, Greeks and immigrants, working class youth, unemployed and semi-employed,

Hold the honoured flags of our class high! Coalition with the small and medium-sized peasantry and the self-employed! Counterattack for the monopolies to pay for the crisis! Capitalist cannot withstand a single moment without workers! Strong KKE in the Europarliamentary elections!

The time has come for EU, plutocracy, ND and PASOK that serve them, to feel our strength. The right is on our side. What is in the interest of the people is realistic.

The correlation of forces must change now! ND and PASOK must be weakened. The class labour movement should be strengthened! Trade union leaderships, such as the majority in GSEE (General Confederation of Greek Workers) and ADEDY (Supreme Administration of Greek Civil Servants Trade Unions) degenerated the labour movement, led it to compromise and submission to the interests of monopolies. They should be abandoned. Strong KKE and anti-imperialist front!


We paid for the huge growth and accumulation of enormous profits! We should not pay for the crisis of capitalism as well!

We create the existing wealth, factories, ships, consumer goods, everything. However, the toil is stolen by the few, plutocracy, since it owns the means of production and power.

We should defend militantly basic workers’ family needs, the future of our children, permanent and decently paid work for all, free social benefits, free time. It is possible to satisfy people’s needs, since there is much wealth and means to do so.

Now we should pave the ground for changes and subversions, create the terms in order to pretend to the ownership and the management of the wealth. We should pretend to people’s power! One can either be on the side of monopolies or the people’s side! There is no other way.

Enough experience has been accumulated. Each day shows which party supports and which fights people’s interests.

Each day for many years now the EU has been judged. It has been proven that: It is a union of European monopolies and their states, supported by all liberal, social-democratic and supposedly innovative parties. These parties have adopted Maastricht Treaty. Today we face its consequences as everything is subordinated to profit. The EU is a predatory alliance. Its member states compete for the prey. However, they uniformly implement a pro-monopoly policy against peoples, participate in unjust wars, shield themselves from peoples’ movement taking new repressive measures.

Punish the parties of the EU “one-way road”. They have lied to you about Maastricht Treaty, about the EMU, the so called “convergence of economies”. Now they lie to you about the crisis. They hide that it is a crisis of capitalism, as their policy is completely contrary to peoples’ needs.

Disengagement from the parties, which have co-decided the anti-labour policy of the EU, and their condemnation in the EU elections. Vote based on class criteria! What serves the interests of plutocracy, harms the working class.


Anticommunism escalated both in the EU and Greece. Political life is dragged back to the fifties and PASOK plays a leading role in this.

Anticommunism is capitals’ weapon. It is not directed merely against KKE, the only party that fights against bourgeoisie, its parties, opportunism and capitulation. It is directed against the radicalisation of workers, who believed in ND and PASOK and realise they have been deceived. Anticommunism is directed against the popular movement. That is what the inspirers and instructors of the anticommunist vulgarity fear. They cannot face the theses and policy of KKE, so they resort to the “tales about the tins” that have already been condemned in the consciousness of people. Each worker should oppose them. They should pay for offending the intelligence of people, for deceiving and trying to disorientate them and make people victims of the anti-popular plans.


KKE does not conceal its purpose, it fights openly and consistently for people to gain the achievements of science and culture.

We have never concealed that: Worker’s rights prevail! Oppressed’s rights prevail! The rights of unemployed, of poorly paid youth, of trampled women, of the diseased who are robbed to be cured, of the pupils that is thrown out of the school, of the young couples who consider whether they can cope with having a child, of the thousands of banks’, shipowners’, industrialists’ “hostages” prevail. The rights of the immigrants who live in slum dwellings or in the streets prevail.

We are not afraid! KKE does not repent!


Let’s move on to the popular alliance, we, all the victims of monopolies and anti-popular policy!

It is worth to make sacrifices for the future of workers, to justify the countless sacrifices and struggles of our class.

We develop our future today!

The CC of KKE


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