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Resolution of the Balkan Communist Parties against anticommunism

The Communist Parties that participated in the Meeting of Balkan Communist Parties condemn the new anticommunist attack launched in a number of countries in the EU. We denounce the anticommunist attacks:
  • In Czech Republic, aiming at the ban of the CP of Bohemia-Moravia. Protagonist role in this attack play several senators who have also taken action in the past in order to outlaw the Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic.
  • In Poland, with the new anticommunist attack in combination with the recent ban on communist symbols.
  • In Romania the law 51/1991, article 3 concerning “national security” imposes heavy imprisonment penalties and fines for the foundation or the support of the communist party.
  • In Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary and other EU countries where a number of anticommunist operations were held creating a state of hysteria and persecutions in Europe. The EU resolutions, the resolutions of the European Parliament and the Parliamentary Sessions of the Council of Europe and OSCE contributed significantly to these operations; they distort the historical truth and try to equate communism and fascism, erase from peoples and workers’ consciousness the great achievements of the socialist construction that demonstrate the advantages of socialism over capitalism, this exploitative system.

All these anticommunist plans reveal the imperialist and deeply class nature of the EU, the hypocrisy of the supporters of the bourgeois democracy as well as the fear of the bourgeoisie towards the communist and labour movement. The anticommunist attack is part of the imperialist strategy aiming at erasing from people and workers’ consciousness, particularly the younger generation, the only real way-out from the capitalist barbarity, the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of socialism.

This new anticommunist provocation will not be left unanswered!

It’s an issue that requires the reaction of all workers in Europe. Anticommunism does not target only communists, but also people’s consciousness and the rights of the working class, fomenting fatalism, defeatism, the acceptance of anti-peoples measures decided by EU institutions in order to place the burden of the crisis on workers’ shoulders.

The Balkan Communist Parties demand:
  • The ban of the Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic to be immediately raised.
  • The anticommunist persecutions, prohibitions and threats promoted by the EU and the respective governments to be ended up.

Communist Party of Bulgaria
Party of Bulgarian Communists
Communist Party of Greece
Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
Communist Party of Macedonia (FYROM)
Communist Party of Romania
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Communist Party of Turkey
Labour Party of Turkey (EMEP)


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