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NO to the “social dialogue”

Mass struggle and PAME’s response to the attack against social security rights

These days the class oriented forces of the labour movement unfold a wide-range activity against the new attack on social security rights which was initiated by the new government of socialdemocrats (PASOK), with the support of conservatives of ND, according to the dictates of the EU and the capital. They plan a new plundering of the workers’ rights by reducing pensions, increasing the retirement age over 65 years, and promoting serious cuts in pharmaceutical care. In this framework they try to present these measures as approved and supported by the people. Thus, the government along with the industrialists and the yellow trade union leaders in the compromised confederations of GSEE and ADEDY announced the beginning of the social dialogue.

Blocking the misleading “social dialogue”

KKE and PAME revealed the new attack against the working class. They condemned the new anti-social security measures that in conditions of the economic crisis intend to place the burden of the crisis on the shoulders of the workers and the poor popular strata. PAME refused to participate in the prearranged dialogue in which the yellow trade union leaders bargain away the rights of the workers. It organized a dynamic mobilization blocking all the entrances of the Ministry of Labour thus preventing the beginning of the dialogue on Monday November 23 as it was initially scheduled.

In addition, on Tuesday November 24 thousands of employees responded to the call of PAME for the immediate organization of the struggle against the devastating measures and participated in the mass rallies organised by PAME. Workers, youth, women, peasants, self employed protested in the streets of Athens as well as in 60 towns throughout the country demanding the satisfaction of their needs, motivated by and the fact that their life deteriorates despite the wealth they produce.

The mass rallies of PAME and the strike planned for December 17 gave a first response to the employers, the parties and the trade unionists that serve their interests. These rallies provided new experiences to the working class giving an impulse to its work for the strike on December 17 which has been called by PAME despite the refusal of the compromised leaderships in GSEE and ADEDY. In the next period the class oriented movement will respond even more dynamically to the anti-peoples storm.

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