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Statement on the ban of the communist symbols in Poland

KKE condemns the provocative and outrageous action of the Polish government which, utilizing the anticommunist campaign unfolding in the ranks of the allegedly democratic EU, banned the use of communist symbols in Poland.

This new anticommunist ban stands in flagrant contradiction to the recent celebrations of the supporters of capitalism about the fall of Berlin Wall and their declarations about “democracy” and “freedom”. It reveals the falsehood and hypocrisy of the bourgeois democracy. The bans on the communist symbols in EU countries demonstrate that the governments and their mechanisms fear a new counterattack by the workers’ and people’s revolutionary movement because they know that the contradictions of capitalism are irreconcilable and that the future belongs to a society without exploitation of man by man; to socialism-communism.

KKE calls upon the Greek people to condemn and demand the abolition of this ban as well as of the previous anticommunist persecutions and bans in the EU countries.

The hammer and sickle, the red star which, following the Baltic countries and Hungary are now persecuted also in Poland, represent the struggle for the abolition of the private ownership over the means of production, the struggle against capitalist exploitation. They symbolize the blood and sacrifice of millions of communists who had been at the forefront of the anti-fascist struggle, who played a leading role in the defeat of fascism in the Second World War. They symbolise the struggles for 8 hour working day, for social security, for free education and healthcare as well as other important gains achieved by the working people with the communists playing the leading role, thanks to the influence of the socialist construction in the USSR and in other countries of East and Central Europe. Today these gains are cut down due to the anti-people’s policy that serves the profits of the business groups and the world capitalist crisis that shows the historical limits of capitalism.

Imperialists try to erase the achievements of socialism from the consciousness of the peoples of Europe. For that reason, they persecute the communist ideology in Poland and other EU countries, they ban the communist parties, they shamelessly distort History, they slander socialism with huge lies and try to impose the equation of communism and fascism.

KKE expresses comradely solidarity with the CP of Poland and all Polish communists and declares that it will struggle along with them to stop anti-communism and the terrorisation of all the people who struggle for the rights and the future of the working class.

Athens, 3.12.2009

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