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Militant call to the people and the youth for rally and action

On 6 December 2009, a year after the murder of the 15-year-old school student, the provocations of contrived incidents that took place in Athens aimed at justifying and enforcing a further attack on the democratic rights of the people, striking a blow to the labour movement and abrogating the university asylum. Although such actions have nothing to do with the working class and the youth the PASOK government, the rest of the bourgeois parties and the EU utilise them to pave the way for further repression and intimidation. 

On the occasion of one year since the murder of the 15-year-old school student Alexis Grigoropoulos, KKE issued a statement noting:   

“On the occasion of one year since the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos, KKE addresses a militant call to the people and the youth to rally and take action for the development of an organised, strong and protected labour, popular and youth’s movement in order to repel the new fierce attack of the government and the EU with the consent of the ND, against people’s rights. It addresses a call so that the people don’t pay for the consequences of the capitalist crisis like they paid the heavy sacrifices for the high growth and profitability of business groups. It calls upon the people to demand and gain contemporary rights to permanent and stable job for all with free time and decent wages, to free and exclusively public Education, Healthcare and Welfare, people’s housing, environment, culture and sports; to pave the way of development that will serve people’s needs, not the capitalist profit.  

The mass militant outbreak that occurred a year ago in response to the murder of the 15-year-old school student, despite the terror caused by the overt state repression and the provocations of various centres and mechanisms, enables the people and the youth to draw useful conclusions.  

It was highlighted that the constant deterioration of youth and workers’ life conditions, the intensification of their problems and the loss of achievements do not only create an environment of fear and frustration but also anger, indignation and experience to the poor popular strata, making realistic, now more than ever, the sharp rise of militant mood. 

It was also revealed that the mechanisms of the system have already plans on how to tackle people’s struggle. It was proved that they are ruthless in the use of various means and methods so apart from the brutal state violence they also use provocations and anticommunism in order to terrorise, slander and set obstacles to the radicalisation of young peoples’ conscience, to trap the organised, popular, class movement or to take measures of repression against it. 

The poor popular strata, especially the young people who belong to these strata, must reject the bourgeois contrived notions of the parties and the media of the system about violence. Their goal is to conceal the fact that violence is a constituent part, a main feature of the bourgeois state and the anti-people’s policy that serves the exploitation of the workers and the people’s plunder by the plutocracy.

Violence is not only the open violence of the riot police forces, the anti-people’s laws and the employers’ terrorism in the workplaces; violence is also the policy that promotes temporary and flexible forms of employment and deprives the people of the right to permanent and stable work; the policy of poverty-level wages that imposes and expands the application of the “stage” programs while at the same time it dismisses those who worked in these programs in the public sector; the policy that commercializes education, healthcare, welfare and the environment.

Violence is bred above all in the workplaces where capitalists, who have the ownership over the means of production, appropriate the wealth that the workers produce. The means of productions should belong to the whole society. The activity of the business groups, their competition for their dominance in the markets, for the further plunder of the people is also violent. It is this action that breeds imperialist wars and interventions.

Only the organised, class-oriented workers’ and people’s movement can confront this violence; a movement that neither submits nor is vulnerable to the mechanisms of the system; a movement led by the principle: “law is the workers’ right”.  Capitalist barbarity can be overthrown only by means of a strong people’s alliance against the monopolies, an alliance aiming at the overthrow of the monopolies power and the abolition of the capitalists’ freedom to rule and exploit the people. This movement and this alliance can emerge from the development of the people’s and youth’s struggle that starts from the workplaces, the people’s neighborhoods, the places of education. They struggle against all aspects of anti-people’s policies organised and without compromises, they demand the satisfaction of the modern needs; they aim at the radicalization of the consciousness and at the same time they exert influence on it, they struggle for the change of the correlation of forces. 

The popular strata and particularly the youth must reject the flattery and the calls of parties such as SYRIZA that present actions that do not threaten the system at all as opposed to it. At the same time they defend the bourgeois legitimacy and slander the class and real revolutionary action, they participate and justify social partnership talks of deception and submission while they do not even mention the abolition of the capitalist profit. On the contrary they adopt and support the lies and the slanders against socialism.

KKE calls upon the people and the youth to hold their head up, to strengthen and protect their struggles.

Our response to the war that plutocracy, EU, government and ND as well as other bourgeois parties declared against the remaining gains of the previous years must be the mass, organised people’s counterattack. Thus, we intensify our struggle for the success of the strike and the mobilizations of the organised class-oriented trade union movement.


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