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Statement for the new anti-communist attack on the Communist Party of Bohemia - Moravia

From last year's demonstration of KKE and KNE
against the anti-communism in the Czech Republic
KKE condemns the new anti-communist operation in Czech Republic, an EU state member, to outlaw the Communist Party of Bohemia - Moravia (KSCM). These anticommunist methods are not new; in the past we have witnessed a group of senators to play a leading role to the ban on the Czech Communist Youth Union (KSM). Such efforts constitute part of numerous operations, persecutions and threats against communists in Eastern European countries, against the communist ideology and its symbols, as those recently imposed in Poland.

This offensive, which is launched a few months after the events organised by the imperialists for the fall of the Berlin Wall, reveals the class imperialist character of the EU despite the effort to present it as a democratic institution.

Capitalists, their organizations and their parties aim at erasing socialism from peoples and especially from the youth’s conscience, the only alternative to capitalism.

The communists throughout the world and the entire working class movement must give a strong and massive response to the anticommunist measures; imperialists’ goal is to spread disappointment and defeatism among workers so that they won’t call into question the negative correlation of forces and the exploitative system.

We demand:
  • the immediate abolition of all measures against communists in the Czech Republic,
  • the end of all threats, restrictions and bans on the Communist Parties, Marxism-Leninism and its symbols.

The CC of KKE


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