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Denunciation the anti-Communist campaign orchestrated by the Polish authorities

Question of the MEP of KKE George Toussas submitted in the European parliament.

The ban on Communist symbols has now become law in Poland, since with the amendment to the penal code, signed by the President, Lech Kaczyński, they will henceforth be considered illegal. This is a continuation of the anti-Communist campaign which equates Communism with fascism, attempts to falsify history and bans anything that recalls the construction of Socialism and the peoples' achievements. This is an act of provocation aimed at prosecuting anyone who offers resistance and fights for a better future. The punishment for infringing the law is a fine or a maximum of two years' imprisonment.

Similar measures were taken by the Nazis throughout Europe during the Second World War and by the fascist dictatorships in Greece, Spain and Portugal. These reactionary measures violate fundamental democratic and popular freedoms and are an insult to the sacrifices and struggles of millions of Communists and workers who fell in the fight to crush fascism and nazism.

Will the Council say whether it condemns this reactionary decision by the Polish government and, more broadly, the persecution of Communists and workers in general?


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