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Scientific Conference of KKE on Yannis Ritsos

A Scientific Conference of KKE on Yannis Ritsos titled “Yannis Ritsos, always present to the call of the times” will take place on Saturday November 21 and Sunday November 22 in the Congress Hall of the CC/Headquarters of KKE, in Athens.

Aleka Papariga, General Secretary of the Central Committee of KKE and Yiannis Protoulis, Secretary of the Central Council of KNE will extend a greeting in the Conference.

Herewith, the titles of the main presentations that will be held by representatives of the party and the popular movement as well as by artists and representatives of the scientific and academic community are as follows.

First Unit :
  • “The popular and communist elements in the poetry and the life of Yianis Ritsos”
  • “Regarding the political commitment of Yianis Ritso’s art”
  • “The politicization of art and the problem of teaching Yiannis Ritsos poetry”
  • “The experiential poetry of Yannis Ritsos; poetry of action and practice”
  • “The role of Ritsos in the formation of Greek culture”
  • “The poetic testimony and history in the works of Yianis Ritsos”

Second Unit
  • “Socialist humanism and proletarian internationalism in the works of Yianis Ritsos”
  • “The teacher of the multifaceted life”
  • “Ritsos: the man, the poet”
  • “Yiannis Ritsos and children”
  • “About the proletarian internationalism in poetry of Yiannis Ritsos”
  • “Yiannis Ritsos meets Jean Paul Éluard”

Third unit
  • “Yianis Ritsos: a multifaceted personality
  • “The universal Ritsos”
  • “Yiannis Ritsos yesterday, today and tomorrow”
  • “On the dramatic work of Yiannis Ritsos”
  • “The visual Yiannis Ritsos”
  • “Yianis Ritsos: nothing strange for poetry”

Moscow 1977, during the ceremony for the Lenin awards

The conference will end with the documentary of Kostas Stamatopoulos named “life and poetry one and the same”.

Significant international participants will deliver speeches in the session :”About the proletarian internationalism in the works of Yianis Ritsos”:

-comrade Andy Croft , from the communist party of Britain, poet and journalist of the “Morning Star”

-comrade Isa Paape, member of the CC of German Communist Party, member of the Cultural Section of the CC


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