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Huge anti-imperialist demonstration to the American embassy

On November 11, 2009, thousands of people and youth participated in the anti-imperialist demonstration to the American embassy on the occasion of the 36th anniversary since the Polytechnic uprising. The message of the uprising in November 1973 is still alive and relevant. Our future is the new world, communism was the slogan that prevailed in the demonstration.

In that period, people struggled against the dictatorship imposed by the US and NATO. Nowadays they struggle against the same enemy, that is imperialism, the anti-peoples policy, against the dictatorship of monopolies, for the people’s power, socialism.

It has been a big demonstration to the US embassy which was characterized by the participation of thousands of working people, university and school students. The demands of the Polytechnic uprising are still relevant as they are in every small or big struggle of the working people and the youth

“Some middle-aged use the polytechnic uprising as an element in their curriculum vitae, as an alibi for their assimilation to the system. For the youth the Polytechnic uprising constitutes a relevant struggle which has not been vindicated yet; above all it proves that when the people, the employers, the popular strata want to achieve something they can” stated Aleka Papariga,GS of the CC of KKE during the demonstration.


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