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Violent Oppression of Metalworkers’ manifestation in Athens

Social-democrats have shown early that they will be ruthless in order to serve businessmen’s interests.

Yesterday, October 15th, the new government of PASOK unveiled its true face when in front the Ministry of Labor powerful riot police forces attacked with tear gas and flash and sound bombs against workers and unemployed from the Perama ship-repair zone. Workers demand a special assistance for the unemployed, freezing of the loan payments and to stop the auction sales of the unemployed workers’ houses. Giorgos Marinos, member of the Political Bureau and MP for KKE who also took part in the rally to support workers’ strike was also verbally attacked by the oppressive forces. Class trade unions, Labor Centers and Federations directly expressed their solidarity.

KKE issued a statement underscoring that: We must not miss an hour. Now it’s time for organization and struggle so that the plutocracy pays for the crisis; to struggle for the satisfaction of people’s modern needs. The only path for the workers is the path of resistance - popular alliance - counterattack. The government of PASOK and the social-democrats are ruthless in crushing the workers’ rights and have unveiled their true face early.

PAME and the class trade union movement has called upon the working class to condemn directly and in practice the attack of the riot police units and the anti-worker plans of the government; to express its solidarity with the metal workers; to build up a united front with all workers to prevent the anti-people and anti-worker measures of the government; to struggle against the general policy of the capital and the EU; to pave the way for the establishment of the right to work for all, as well as for the satisfaction of their modern needs.

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