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Announcement of the CC on the result of the national elections

On Monday October 5th 2009 the CC held a session on a first discussion about the electoral results. The statement of the CC will be discussed throughout the party and KNE. The opinions of friends, supporters and people who cooperate with the party will be taken into account so as to draw the final conclusions in the next session of the CC. The first conclusions of the CC are the following:
  • The victory of PASOK in the national elections leads to the alternation of government and not to the change of policy in favour of the working people. The heavy defeat of ND is due to the anti-workers, anti-people policy that hit employees, self-employed, small producers, peasants and young people as well as due to its pre-electoral proclamations for a harder austerity policy, for the acceleration of the anti-people restructuring. The powerful economic interests withdrew their confidence from ND and contributed through their mechanisms and their supports to the “boost” of the electoral victory of PASOK, estimating that it is more capable of breaking the labour and popular movement in conditions of economic crisis and in a period when the inter-imperialist contradictions in the region intensify.

    The electoral result was formed in conditions of economic crisis, while the labour movement has not proceeded to counterattack, in conditions that prevail the pressure of political spoils and favouritism and the false hopes for relief from the anti-people’s policy of ND and its consequences. The misleading propaganda of ND for the so-called false promises of PASOK for social benefits played also a negative role. At the same time, the negative experience of the people from the governance of PASOK has been concealed.

    The interest of the people was to reduce the power of both parties, to make them sustain losses from working, popular strata and young people; to support KKE as the only party that constitutes the real enemy of the bipartisan alternation, the party that strengthens the resistance and rallying of forces and promotes another path of development against the monopolies and the imperialist choices.

    The position of KKE in the pre-electoral period that the dilemma for the people in these elections is neither which party will be government nor the self-sufficiency of the government but the readiness of the people to repel the new measures, to proceed to counterattack will be soon verified.

  • Bipartisan alternation is not a new phenomenon in political life and the electoral behavior of the working and popular masses. It does not constitute, as it was argued, an index of deep political maturation of the worker’s consciousness. On the contrary, maturation is characterized by the rupture with the bourgeois parties, their anti-people policy and their governments. It is still a need to be attained. The vote for KKE, the joint action with the existing radical popular forces constitutes the real rupture, the prerequisite for the liberation from the bourgeois forces, for the revival and recovery of the movement, for its effectiveness.

  • The sum of the votes of PASOK and ND combined with the electoral power of KKE does not reflect the positive developments that took place in the people’s consciousness, namely the assessment that no substantial differences exist between the two parties. It is far from the impact of the positions and the action of KKE on the working, popular strata and the youth. It is not in accordance with the needs and the acute problems of the popular strata.

    As regards KKE the electoral result is lower and in disaccord with its reputation and its influence established through its political action and its role in the development of struggles, without which the developments would be more aggravating. Many people made a step further and voted for the party no matter if they have certain differences with us, while others who appreciate our policy and our activity submitted to the intimidating dilemmas at the last moment.

    KKE fought a hard battle in conditions of economic crisis and upward course of social-democracy. Despite the fact that that it did not manage to increase its electoral power it resisted and managed to block the plans to displace it from the third position, to exert ideological pressure and reduce its electoral and political influence as much as possible. The resistance of KKE to the dilemmas, the fears and intimidations shows its ability, its correct political line and its readiness on the next day to be more determinately at the frontline. It remains the only party that can struggle against the dominant strategy implemented through the alternation of the two bourgeois parties. The resistance of KKE includes an important dynamic that will be more evident in the next few years.

  • The other opposition parties bear important responsibilities for rigging the tendency of radicalism, for hindering the people’s rally and alliance on the basis of a total opposition to both parties and their strategy. Irrespective from the differences among them, the other opposition parties are accountable because they divert the people’s radicalism, they spread illusions that central-left or central-right coalitions can bring about solutions mainly through the change in the system’s management and not through the overthrow of the dominant policy. SYN/SYRIZA has also played a negative role through its “anti-right” rhetoric, the low criticism to PASOK that allowed the spread of the notion of the lesser evil and the hope for central-left cooperation. Both SYRIZA and LAOS hinder the people’s alliance in anti-monopoly anti-imperialist direction.

  • This electoral result makes it difficult for the people to fight successfully against the storm of measures that is about to come, to test its power, to mobilize its reserves that have not been utilised yet. If the movement does not show immediate recovery the sense of disappointment will increase.

    The position of KKE that the political consciousness, that is the awareness of the need for a different path of development against the interests of the monopolies, in a direction of rupture and overthrow is not shaped automatically in conditions of crisis and under the intensification of problems, but combined with the experience that derives from the participation in class and people’s struggle, with the organization and rallying of forces against the choices and the policy of the monopolies. It also depends on the quality of the bonds of KKE with the working class and the popular strata, on the level and the quality of its ideological and political intervention.

    KKE believes in the people, in the working movement, in the dynamic of its alliance with the radical forces of the movement of the self-employed and the poor peasants, of women and the youth that belong to the working and popular strata. Its responsibility for the rallying of forces, the organization of the popular masses, the counterattack grows even more. The post-electoral dynamic of KKE’s intervention can and should become broader and more effective.

    KKE more experienced and hardened, will direct its attention to organizing workers and people’s resistance and counterattack.

  • ΚΚΕ declares that the new government should be given no time; we must show no complacency, must not miss a day. It is an imperative need the workers to assume the defense of their rights, to set obstacles and hinder the implementation of anti-popular measures.

    The programme and pre-electoral proclamation of PASOK demonstrates its intention to continue the policy of the capitalist restructuring of ND, in the framework of the anti-popular choices of the EU and the NATO military-political attack, in agreement with the so-called strategic alliance, the US. The new government, based on the anti-popular decisions of the previous one, will try to safeguard the interests of business groups delivering a serious blow to the living standard of the workers, to the sectors of social security, healthcare, welfare and education. The new government will rely on the yellow trade union leaderships and the employer-led trade unionism; it will utilize the fact the forces of PASOK dominate in the tertiary bodies of employees, civil servants, self-employed and the peasantry. KKE calls upon the employees, self-employed tradesmen, small-scale peasants, women and the youth that belong to the working and popular strata, to withdraw their vote from PASOK and ND and cancel its consequences with their stance and action. 7. ΚΚΕ must assume even more responsibilities and initiatives along with the other radical popular forces it contacts with and has joint action, for the broader rallying of forces and the creation of conditions of resistance and counterattack. Likewise, KNE is also responsible for the youth and its movement.

    KKE and KNE will increase their contact with the working and popular strata, with the young people who voted PASOK and ND, in order to create a united front from below; a front of workers, peasants, self-employed, women, young people, economic immigrants and political refugees; a joint and dynamic front of struggle in every workplace, in every sector and among various sectors, in the public and private sector, in the countryside and villages, in the neighborhood, schools, technological education institutions and universities. KKE struggles for the creation of a united front of struggle that will contribute to the coordination and joint action at national level.

    KKE will be at the forefront of the rallying of forces that struggle for another path of development radically against the strategy of the monopolies. The power of the monopolies, the system based on the profits and the concentration of the capital, on the most blatant class exploitation cannot be humanized. The CC of KKE salutes the voters of the Party, especially those who voted KKE for the first time. The CC salutes the active contribution and action of the members of KNE, of the friends and people who cooperated with the party carrying out this hard struggle with enthusiasm, faith and with a sense of responsibility towards the working people.

The CC of KKE 5/10/09


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