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Anticommunist “Conference” in Greek university aiming at the re-writing of history

The Regional Committee of the Western Macedonia organisation of KKE denounces the organization of a “Conference” on the occasion of the 20 year anniversary since the restoration of capitalism in the German Democratic Republic.

KKE calls upon the people to condemn the anticommunist content of the «conference» organized by the Department of Balkan Studies of the Western Macedonia University between 16-18/10/2009 regarding the “fall of the Berlin Wall”, as promoted by the EU.

The imperialists try to slander and erase from the history the great achievements of socialism in all fields and for that reason use “anniversaries” associated with the overthrow.

The conference is organized on the 20 years anniversary of the dissolution of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). In the framework of the capitalist restoration and in an attempt to falsify history, in many European universities a number of events have been organized in various cities such as Berlin, London, Geneva, Prague, Budapest, Riga, Padua as well as in the US and New Zealand. In Greece this initiative was undertaken by the Department of Balkan Studies of the Western Macedonia University. The professors that participate in this conference are known for their supposedly scientific contribution in the rewriting of history such as Nikos Mouzelis, Stratos Dordanas, Ioannis Stefanidis, Hagen Fleischer and others. The content of the conference is also indicated by the thematic units that will be discussed, such as: “Resigning from the empire: the stance of the soviet power regarding the changes in Eastern Europe, 1988-89”, “The “Great Wall” of Germany: the crisis in Berlin (1961) and Southeastern Europe”, “The German-Greek…triangle, 1949-1990 (Political intentions and memories of the two German states and Greece regarding the past during the Occupation)” and other relevant issues.

In its announcement the Regional Committee of Western Macedonia organization of KKE underlines that such kind of attempts by the imperialists to rewrite history “will fail because they have nothing to do with people’s interests; they only promote the ideology and policy of the capital and that of the ruling class. It is obvious that this “conference” derives from the anticommunist hysteria promoted by the EU and other imperialist centers aiming at the unhistorical slander of socialism we have known and of the communist ideology, the rewriting of history according to the dictates of imperialism. Their obvious purpose is to avoid people’s reaction, not to realise the prospect of socialism that is the only way out from the cruel and exploitative capitalist system”.

The Regional Committee of Western Macedonia organization of KKE calls upon the students of the Department who experience the degradation of their studies and have an uncertain prospect, as well as the people of the region to react dynamically against the anticommunist hysteria.


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