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Statement of Al. Papariga, General Secretary of the CC, on the US blockade against Cuba

On the occasion of the 47 years of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, KKE expresses its full support and solidarity with the people and the Communist Party of Cuba.

It condemns the unfair, aggressive blockade that even interferes in the relations of Cuba with other countries showing that imperialists have turned the international that was formed in previous years into a scrap of paper.

It is not a coincidence that the blockade is based on a law of 1917 that refers to a war situation nor that nowadays it applies only for Cuba.

However, Cuba is not at war with the USA. It has never threatened the USA neither has proceeded to aggressive actions against it. On the contrary the US has many aggressive actions in its history including armed intervention. What the USA and the imperialism in general regard as a threat is the fact that the Cuban people follow another path of development, the socialist one, struggling in extremely harsh conditions.

For that reason the universal demand for the lifting of the blockade becomes more effective when it is combined with the struggle against imperialism, against its open or covert subversive plans, with the struggle against the governments and the Greek one as well.

The defense of the socialist Cuba, the struggle against the blockade also mean the defense of the right of our people to struggle against the “one-way roads”, against exploitation, for another path of development that will focus on the people’s needs.

Athens 27/10/09

Press Bureau of the CC of KKE


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