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INFO KKE -Pre-election rally of Athens

Strong KKE, people’s hope

Massiveness, enthusiasm and militant spirit characterized
KKE’s central pre-election rally yesterday in Athens.

Thousands of working people, from every corner of Athens, met on Wednesday night, just few days before the elections of 4th October at the pre-electoral rally of KKE in Pedion of Areos Park; amongst them there were many people who have overcome obstacles, false and blackmailing dilemmas. They were side by side with colleagues, friends and comrades and one drew strength from the others.

Thousands of working people raised their voice yesterday night for all those who suffer in factories, construction sites, engine rooms and offices. For all those who suffer injustice. They were appealing to them when during the speech addressed by the General Secretary of KKE, Aleka Papariga, they were shouting: “people, raise your heads, resist and fight along with KKE”, urging for a “Powerful KKE, people counterattack!”. They were appealing to those who are thinking or want to make this step, to those who vacillate. Thousands of young people took part in the rally.

The General Secretary of KKE mentioned among others: “No complacency. No voter from the popular strata who wants to vote for KKE for a second time after 2007, despite the fact that he might have certain disagreements, must submit to intimidation. Young people who belong to the working and popular strata must give their first vote to KKE. They will be benefited because they will oppose the current of discipline, consensus, subordination and submission to the strong ones”. We should not allow voters to become victims of the bipartisan alternation; to fall in the trap for a strong self-sufficient government. We always use to have strong governments whose policy was at the expense of the people.

The crisis brings forward the main political issue: “what kind of society do we want to live in?”; to the one that is motivated by the profit or to the one that aims to the satisfaction of the modern material and spiritual needs of the people. The difference between the two societies consists in the following: which class holds the ownership and the power, if it’s the bourgeois class or the working class in alliance with the poor peasants and small tradesmen who suffer the suffocating pressure by the monopolies. The theories of liberal, social-democrat and left-wing management are empty words”. In conclusion Aleka Papariga stressed that “Without a powerful KKE there can’t be a strong unwavering popular movement. Strong KKE, people’s hope!”


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