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KKE salutes KSM

KKE salutes the success achieved in the struggle of the Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic (KSM). KSM won a first battle at the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic which requests review of the judgment of the Prague Municipal Court on the ban of KSM. KSM has been at the target of bourgeoisie because it declares in its statute that it aims at the socialisation of the means of production.

This decision is a result of the constant struggle of the young communists of the Czech Republic and of the consistent pressure exerted by the international communist movement and anti-imperialist forces worldwide. Owing to the international coordination and the solidarity of communists, the unacceptable ban of KSM in the Czech Republic, which is an EU member-state, has become an international issue.

KKE underlines that the international communist movement should continue being in a state of vigilance and readiness. The resolute opposition of communists to the anticommunist campaign of the EU and imperialism in general must intensify so as to prevent the poison of anticommunism from infecting the consciousness of the working class and peoples.

The ban of KSM as well as all persecutions and anticommunist measures must be lifted once and for all.

The Press Bureau of the CC of KKE


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