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About the early elections: Statement of the GS of KKE, Aleka Papariga

Early Parliamentary Elections on 4th October 2009

The Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis called yesterday early national elections seeking for a “fresh popular mandate” in order to proceed with the attack against the people and their rights in the name of the exit from crisis. The lections will take place on October 4th.

Aleka Papariga, general Secretary of the CC of KKE made the following statement on the Prime Minister’s decision to hold early elections:

“The fact that we go for early elections, of course with the responsibility of the government, is actually due to the acute the economic crisis. The country’s plutocracy, the business people and both their parties ND and PASOK, expect from these elections, each for itself, a strong government, a government capable of providing a way out, not for the people but for the unimpeded profit making of the capital; a government capable of taking new more barbarous more severe measures against workers against the working people in general.

We must spoil their pans and the early elections are a good chance. Neither ND nor PASOK can take measures in favour of the people; they do not want, they are not able and in this sense, the only hope that people have is to spoil their plans, to condemn both of them, to weaken them and bring the people and the popular movement a step forward, in a position to attack in order to confront the new storm that is coming.

There is one basic prerequisite for the people to become stronger: the strengthening of KKE and the weakening of both parties, ND and PASOK. They are not able and they do not want to solve the problems; above all because they implement the same strategy, the same choice –as in all the EU member states- which is fully in line with the viewpoint of the big capital, both Greek and European. Therefore, it is a good chance for the elections to bring about something new, something that has not come out from the EP elections”.


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