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International Appeal regarding the 23rd of August

Fight back massively and resolutely against anticommunism and all its expressions here to see the endorsements

We, cadres, members, friends and supporters of Communist and Workers’ Parties elected to parliaments, local authorities, directions of trade unions and mass organizations denounce the attempt to equate the Nazism with Communism through the efforts to proclaim the 23rd of August of “day of remembrance of their victims”.

This history-distorting effort has the support of political forces serving the capital and is manifested with various ways over the last years, including resolutions of bodies of various interstate bodies and parliamentary institutions.

Having at first renamed the 9th of May from day of the peoples’ victory into “Day of Europe” in order to write off the picture of the Red Flag waving in Reichstag, they now pursue to identify the victim with the victimized adducing the day that the Molotov–Ribbentrop non aggression pact was signed.
  • They aim at concealing the imperialist, class character of Nazism-Fascism
  • They want to withhold the fact that the Victory of the People bears the indelible seal of the Soviet Union, of the Red Army and the partisan movements, in which the communists had been at the forefront all over the world.
  • They pursue to whitewash imperialism, that had bred the fascism and today, 20 years after the counterrevolution, unchecked slaughters the people around the world.
  • In this way, they aspire to hit politically and ideologically all those that continue to struggle against the class exploitation and injustice, that resist the barbarous attack on every social, labor and democratic rights of the people unleashed in conditions of global economic crisis of the capitalism.

Workers, peasants, women, young people.

Pensioners, veterans and fighters of the antifascist fight.
  • Mobilize vigorously against the re-writing and the falsification of history
  • Give resolute response, and cancel any attempt to organize anti-communist events on 23 of August.
  • Disseminate the historical truth
  • Defend intransigently the struggle against imperialism, for an other society, without wars, unemployment, poverty and exploitation. For Socialism


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