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KKE in solidarity with the people of Honduras

In its statement on the coup in Honduras the Press Bureau of the CC of KKE notes:

“KKE condemns the military coup in Honduras that led to the overthrow and the ousting of President Manuel Zelaya from the country and aimed at canceling the people’s referendum which would pave the way for the constitutional change.

The involvement of the USA in the coup, which maintains the Soto Cano air base in the country as well as the rapid response force “Bravo”, is obvious and acknowledged.

It’s not a coincidence that the coup took place a few days after the ALBA Summit (Honduras is also a member of ALBA) which decided its expansion and further development.

KKE expresses its solidarity and support with the people of Honduras and the popular forces in the region that demand the end of the coup in Honduras, the restoration of President Manuel Zelaya and the respect of the people’s sovereignty. It supports all the peoples, the movements and countries that struggle against imperialism and its interventions”.


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