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Impressively massive and vibrant pre-election rally of KKE in Athens

A strong message for a powerful KKE

In an impressively massive and vibrant rally, the Secretary General of the CC of KKE, cde Aleka Papariga, addressing the party's main election rally in Athens on Wednesday evening, stressed the need for its strengthening in the Euroelections. She underlined that "with KKE's ticket in the ballot box, now is the time for the people to take the case in their hands."

Aleka Papariga spoke of an "EU’s massive attack against social security, health and welfare from the day after the elections, based on the EU decisions taken in Prague," while noting that those are issues to which neither the government nor the main opposition PASOK party refer to.

KKE, she further said, "remains an irreconcilable rival of the bourgeoisie political system which is rotten, not only due to the scandals but above all because this system organises the accumulation of capital, strengthens monopolies everywhere. It legalises antilabour and antipopular laws that lead to the continuous worsening of day-to-day life."

Papariga went on to say that a strong radical pole must be created that will constitute the rival awe for the dominant policy, the monopolies, in cooperation with every radical movement in European countries and even further.

"In KKE we are not alone, we are many, let us show our strength on June 7 an as of June 8 we shall go for new and more effective struggles," she concluded. On behalf of the Portuguese Communist Party, cde Rosa Rabiais, member of the CC of PCP transferred a warm greeting message and the best wishes of the Portuguese communists for the reinforcement of KKE in the Elections for the European Parliament.

A greeting speech was delivered in the rally by the head candidate of the list of KKE, cde Thanasis Pafilis, member of the CC of KKE. The opening was made by a young Greek immigrant in Germany, MEP candidate in the list of KKE, Anna Grigoriadou.

After the big success of this rally Greek communists intensify all their efforts until the last moment, for a powerful KKE in the ballot box of the June 7th.


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