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The text of the EU against socialist Cuba is despicable

Statement of the Press Bureau of the CC of KKE on the escalation of the attack of the European Union against Cuba

The Press Bureau of the CC of KKE states:

“KKE denounces before the Greek people the escalation of the aggressiveness of the EU against socialist Cuba, which is recorded in the despicable text adopted by the External Affairs Council on 15 June, in which the European Union and the governments of the 27 member states:
  • Shamelessly confess that the overthrow of the political and social system of Cuba is a key priority, which determines their policy towards Cuba.
  • Confirm the policy of open intervention in the internal affairs of Cuba, of the enforcement of marginal counterrevolutionary groups, which they proclaim them as equal partners.
  • Keep on the unprecedented and unacceptable status of the “common position” of the European Union on Cuba.

The European Union of millions of unemployed, of the electronic filing, of repression, of the concentration camps for immigrants has no political or moral right to make recommendations on human rights to Cuba.

It is not by chance that this stance coincides with the refusal of the US Supreme Court to review the case of the 5 Cuban patriots, as well as with the discussion of the UN Commission on Human Rights about the periodical Report on Cuba, were the progress of the Cuban people is expressly reflected.

KKE calls the Greek people to react immediately to each attack on socialist Cuba.
  • To strengthen its solidarity with the Cuban people and their revolution.
  • To condemn the EU, the governments and the forces of the EU “one-way road”.
  • To demand the immediate abolition of the common position of the EU on Cuba.
  • To assert to the development of bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect and parity”.


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