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The anticommunism won’t pass

On Tuesday 23rd June the Athens Party Organisations of KKE and KNE organised a protest rally against the anti-communist activity of the Municipality of Athens which is also supported by the lists of ND and PASOK and Synaspismos /SYRIZA in the Municipality Council.

The Municipality of Athens, the municipal cultural organization, the embassies of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia (members of “Visegrad Group”) in cooperation with the embassies of Bulgaria, Germany, and Romania as well as the European Commission in Greece organise an exhibition “dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the fall of totalitarian regimes”. The title of the exhibition is “20 years of Freedom and European integration”

All the lists, except from the “Alliance for Athens” (the one supported by KKE) have agreed on this anti-communist propaganda. Thus, not only they provided the Hall of the Athens Cultural centre but they have also approved an allocation of 4,875 euros for the preparation of the exhibition.

Furthermore we should note that the Visegrad Group was formed in 1991 with the participation of distinguished anti-communists like Lech Wałęsa from Poland, József Antall from Hungary, Václav Havel from the former united Czechoslovakia. The main reason for its foundation has been the will “to eliminate the remnants of communism in central Europe”.

However it’s not the first time that the Municipality of Athens proves its anticommunist credentials since in the past it had honoured the President of Czech Republic who banned the activity Communist Youth of Czech Republic (KSM).

The Athens Organisations of KKE and KNE called the people of Athens to condemn this activity. Thousands of members of KNE and KKE protested in front of the Cultural centre during the opening of the exhibition. They declared that they are determined to struggle against those who try to rewrite history at the expense of the peoples and their gains in order to strike a blow to the people’s movement and its vanguard, to the struggle for the liberation of the working class from exploitation.


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