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Comment of the Press Bureau of KKE on Social-democracy

An international conference was held at the Concert Hall in Athens, on 12th May, on the issue “Social-democracy and the challenges of the future. What will the progressive model for Europe be?”. The opening speech was delivered by G. Papandreou, leader of PASOK and president of the Socialist International, who used the slogan “socialism or barbarity”. The Press Bureau issued the following statement on the slogan promoted by G. Papandreou.

The slogan “socialism or barbarity”, that G. Papandreou repeated once more, deprives of its essence when used by representatives of social-democracy and ends up as false as their leaderships.

Among the participants of the conference was D’ Alema who bombed Yugoslavia when prime minister of Italy, along with Jospin of France, while PASOK as government at that time surrender the country to NATO in order to dismantle Yugoslavia. As concerns the other members of the Socialist International, they have long ago set up their guillotines for people’s rights along with the neo-liberal forces. Actually, in Germany they govern together.

The slogan “socialism or barbarity” is truly necessary and relevant; yet, the social-democrat leaderships are on the side of barbarity. They form a “dark front” against workers in solid unity with the monopolies, EU and the Christian-democrat parties.

ATHENS 12/5/2009

The Press Bureau of the CC of KKE


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