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A mass action of the Communist Party of Greece against the Conference of the Bilderberg club

The Athens party organisation of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) held on Friday 15 May, a massive action by the hotel where the conference of the Bilderber elite club was held. This club brings together politicians, economists and other influential people of the world establishment. Now it takes place in a secret environment at the hotel Astir Palace at Vouliagmeni resort near Athens.

As it is known, Bilderberg Club meetings are held in private, the press is not invited to the meeting and not informed about the content of the discussions, neither about the composition of the guests. However, it is known that among the members of this club there are some Greek politicians, both from the ruling right party «New Democracy» (ND), and from the social-democratic party PASOK. The members of the Bilderberg club include among others the US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, Richard Holbrooke, scientists from NASA, presidents of banks, automotive industries, aviation industries and multinational companies. From the side of EU Jean-Claude Trichet, head of the European Central Bank, the Outgoing General Secretary of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, but also the queen Sofia of Spain and Beatrix of the Netherlands participate.

On the big banner, which was deployed at the entrance of the hotel by hundreds of members of the Communist Party of Greece and of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), was written: «ND, PASOK embrace the jackals of imperialism of the Bilderberg club. Turn your back on them. Powerful KKE».

Military and police forces, hundreds of officials of intelligence services cordoned off the hotel at a great distance both from the land and the sea. However, the draconian security measures were unable to prevent the Greek Communists from expressing their outrage, by blocking for two hours the entrance of the hotel where the members and guests of the Bilderberg club held a meeting. Among the participants of the club were the Prime Minister K. Karamanlis and Foreign Minister, D. Bakoyanni, as well as the leader of PASOK and Socialist International, G. Papandreou, etc.

During the manifestation the demonstrators of KKE shouted from megaphones anti-imperialist slogans calling on workers to support KKE at the Europarliamentary elections.

Thanasis Pafilis, a member of the CC of KKE, the head of the electoral list of KKE at the elections and participant of the manifestation, underlined: «The Greek people should condemn the representatives of imperialism, monopolies and oligarchy that participate in this assembly of jackals, including the leaders of ND and PASOK, first and foremost by their struggle, but also through their vote on 7 June. Despite its secrecy, we know that they are discussing today how the new measures against the workers will be adopted, in order to overcome the economic crisis, how to crack down peoples’ resistance. Our motto is: No submission to imperialism. The only superpower is the peoples. The workers and the people of our country must show through their vote as well their condemnation of the representatives of imperialism and of the compromisers, by supporting KKE with their vote».



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