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The workers demonstrated on May 1st in Athens and in 70 cities throughout the country, with PAME

They rallied under the flags and the framework of demands of PAME to an unprecedented, massive demonstration at Syntagma Square.

This massive rally on May 1st was not just an event recorded in history; it has contributed to the class oriented struggles that continue today, escalate and strengthen in every work place, every neighborhood in order the plutocracy to pay for the crisis.

Tens of thousands of people who demonstrated throughout the country with the banners of PAME upheld their decision to continue the struggle, to accept no sacrifice for the big capital in response to the attack of the EU and the EU one-way road parties, the liberal New Democracy and the social-democrat PASOK. The opportunists of SYN/SYRIZA also follow the path of the EU, as well as the nationalists of LAOS and the greens.

The workers gave a decisive response on the Workers’ Day. It was a day of strike. Once more, the two opposing lines of the labour movement were confronted. On one side there were the massive, militant rallies of the uncompromised class forces and on the other the compromised trade union leaderships, tens of yellow trade unionists isolated from people’s movement and its real needs, that have been left alone and pitiful.

The struggle of the class oriented movement continues after May 1st in every work place for its emancipation and regroupment until the overthrow of capitalist system and exploitation; to struggle so that he working class be the owner of the wealth it produces in a socialist society.


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