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KKE’s rallies against Israel aggression

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and its youth wing KNE organised an anti-war rally in Athens on Sunday in solidarity for the Palestinian people that heightened with a protest march outside the Israeli embassy, where slogans were shouted against Israel and two Israeli flags were burnt.

The march started from the War Museum in Vassilis Sophias avenue and then headed for the U.S. embassy, where the demonstrators stayed for a while and burnt an American flag.

Earlier, at the gathering at the War Museum, the Ambassador of Palestine to Greece Samir Abu Ghazalah and the member of KKE's Central Committee political bureau Dimitris Koutsoumpas stressed the Palestinian demand for the creation of an independent Palestinian state with its capital based in Eastern Jerusalem.

Ghazalah expressed his gratitude for the Greek people's solidarity for the Palestinians and said that "the only thing that we are asking for is our freedom and our independence."

Koutsoumpas said that we are here to express the indignation of the Greek people against Israeli occupation, the plans of the U.S. and the responsibilities of the European Union, of the Greek government and of other political forces in our country that are not proposing the creation of an independent Palestinian state in the territory of 1967, with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

A similar rally was also held in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, on the same day.

Source: Athens News Agency


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