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Al. Papariga gave press conference about the local elections

The General Secretary of the CC of KKE Aleka Papariga on Monday, February 19 gave a press conference, on the party’s objectives and tactics for the local elections to be held next October.

Highlighting the political nature of the local elections she called the working people to link the electoral battle with the overall people’s problems; to abandon both parties of ND and PASOK; to distrust their lists as well as the ones supported by Synaspismos – either alone or with PASOK- since the mayors and prefects elected by them bear responsibilities for the promotion and application of anti-people’s measures and policies.

Aleka Papariga announced that KKE will cooperate with the DIKKI party, as well as the political movements of Communist Renewal and Left Citizens’ Interventions, and will support joint militant lists all around Greece.

In the press conference there were also announced some major candidacies.

In particular, KKE will support Spyros Chalvatzis for the Municipality of Athens, Elpida Pantelaki for the Municipality of Piraeus, Agapios Sachinis for the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Giorgos Mavrikos for General Prefect of Athens & Piraeus, Ilias Nikolopoulos (from DIKKI) for Prefect of Athens and Giannis Manousogiannakis for Prefect of Piraeus.

At the same time the general strike of the seamen that began on February 16 continues in all ports of Greece in spite of the pressures, blackmails and threats by the Government and the ship-owners.

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