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Contribution of the Communist Party of Norway

Intervention by Svend Haakon Jacobsen chairman CP of Norway.


Many thanks to KKE; Communist Party of Greece for initiating this conference which take place in the building of the European Parliament, in the heart of the big monopoly bourgeois class construction; the EU.

The capitalist crises has in the capitalist countries been dealt with more or less in the same manner all over Europe, even if the seriousness varies . The big losses taken by most financial institutions in the first face were bailed out by governments, using the peoples tax paid money to save the banks, that had gambled for big profits in the free international finance markets, and taken heavy losses. Nations in the Euro zone which were put in great dept were offered loans from EU and IMF, to be able to meet their financial obligations. To receive such loans, the governments agreed to cut down large sections of the public health, education, social welfare, and reduce the salaries, and pensions, like in Greece, Irland, and Portugal, amongst others. In this way the bourgeois and socialdemocratic governments are making the capitalist overproduction crises deepening, and getting worse.

The unemployment is getting higher, the workers and the people in general are getting poorer, causing lower demands, and ever deepening crises. The finance oligarchy gambling losses are paid back even if they greatly contributed to the gravity of the crises, but the working class and the people have to pay their dept. The crises are an imminent part of the capitalist system. Even bourgeois economists do not see any solutions within the capitalist system, and our scientific knowledge tells us that socialism is the only alternative, and this we have to explain, even if the socialist social revolution is not on the agenda.

Norway is a rich country, due to its oil and gas resources, lots of cheep clean turbine electric energy from many big waterfalls, and a long coast who till now has been rich on fish resources.

Norway is not a member of the EU, we are only associated. But the socialdemocratic majority in our so called "red-green" government accept the neoliberal EU policies of the four "freedoms", and they have till now converted all the EU directives into Norwegian law, even if they do not have to. They have destroyed the public pensions, cutting the pension rights, and in practice reduced the pensions for the coming generations by 25 till 50 %, restricted and reduced the rights and compensation for the unemployed. They argue the unemployment is due to the unemployed themselves. They must be more active to seek work and possibilities. Their compensation is reduced, as it shall not "pay" to be unemployed. Neither the governing Socialdemocratic Party, the Socialist Left Party, nor the peasants Center Party talk about class differences any more, and the Socialist Left Party is supporting the NATO policy of occupation and killings in Afghanistan, and imperialist attacks and bombing of Libya. That Party origin was antiwar and peace. Our former Maoist "Red" Party are against bombing of Libya as this "may give support to Ghadaffi", and they speak of "International Community" instead of Imperialism, and "Big Powers" instead of "Imperialist Powers".

Communist Party of Norway is together with the Norwegian department of WPC "Norway for Peace" the only political organizations which are openly fighting the NATO as the aggressive imperialist military tool.

The Trade Union Central of Norway LO is member of the ITUC, the Socialdemocratic and Catolic, and not the class- oriented International, and they cooperates and levels with the international imperialist institutions like The World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Local branches of Trade Unions are in many respect class conscious, and are fighting for the basic rights of the trade unions, and to preserve and strengthen the Welfare rights of the trade unionists and of the people. There is a growing class consciousness on the grassroots level, which meet and coordinate opinion and reaction to the neoliberal policies pursued by the socialdemocratic government in cooperation with big monopolies and finance oligarchs. Communist Party of Norway is active on this grassroots level of the trade unions, and in the active movement against Norways membership in the EU, and to depart from Norways associative status, where we bit by bit have adopted the neoliberal policies of the EU into Norwegian law. Communist Party of Norway are active in recruiting young people in our Communist Youth, and in their education to strengthen our participation in this very important class fights. The counterattack by KKE and PAME sets an important example and experiences to learn from, for the ideological fight to come against our oil wealth worker aristocrats. Thanks for your patience!

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