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Contribution of the Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party

by Gyula Thürmer, president of the Hungarian Communist Workers’ party

Dear comrades,

We thank the Communist Party of Greece for organising this meeting. Our meeting is vital, important and can be of great help in our work.

Capitalism is in heavy crisis, and capitalism is unable to solve the current crisis.
It is partly because this crisis was born by the nature of capitalism. Partly because nobody is willing in order to save capitalism to proclaim such a comprehensive, alien to capitalism programme as the 1930s’ New Deal in the USA. Fractional rescue packages however could at the most provide help for bigger countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan. Thirdly, we are to recognise that such financial package does not mean the solution for more poor and for new capitalist states, so it presents no solution for Hungary either. Therefore the course of events in Hungary and in other countries of Eastern Europe is unpredictable.

Capitalism however is continually trying to find the ways to survive, and we have to comprehend these efforts.

The capitalist redivision of the world has started. The US though relatively weakened economically are still leading in military and technoligical spheres, but now they have to admit others to surpremacy over the world. Nowadays in redivision of the world participates European, Russian and more and more actively Chinese capital.

We are watching fundamental alterations inside the EU too. The European Union has lost its inner moral values, former mainsprings, competitiveness, its reserves of highly educated manpower. The EU is unable to manage the problems of the gipsies, migration, extreme right, anti-Semitism, xenophobia.

Up to now the EU was based upon the balance between Germany and France. The Euro Plus Pact approved by the EU heads of state and government in March means that from now on the German capital will rule Europe and the rest of Europe has agreed to it. The German capital strives to conclude historical compromise with Russia, more exactly with Russian capital.

Capital again and again resorts to war. We approve that 60 communist and workers’ parties have condemned the war against Libya. Doing this we have demonstrated that we, communists are against war, while the party of the European Left as a matter of fact supports war policy of the EU.

The EU leaders, encouraged and supported by the USA, interfere in Belorus affairs. They want to impose their will on a brave and proud nation which had lost 2,2 million people in the struggle against Fascism. The European communist movement has to defend resolutely Belarus. We suggest to reflect our position in a joint statement.

Capital is fighting ideological and political war against communist forces, moreover against all progressive forces. They make anticommunism to prevail on a national scale, moreover on a European scale, purchase or destroy communist parties.

At the same time in an international left-wing movement gathers momentum opportunism, conciliation with capital. A main institute of it in Europe is the Party of the European Left, which openly stands for interests of capital. Now opportunism and revisionism are the greatest danger to communist movement.


Nowadays communist parties are in difficult situation everywhere. Capital is on the offensive. The masses recognise their real situation with difficulty and slowly. We have no money, we are isolated from media, we have not enough activists. In many countries as for example in Hungary we are fighting for mere survival. We are sure that we are to go forward to survive.

In this historical situation we, communist and workers’ parties have to show an alternative. We have to say that Europe is in crucial situation. Europe needs new answers and we can present such answers. We must demonstrate that we are able to breathe new energy in Europe.

We in Hungary would like to organise such people’s network (people-workers alliance), which in order to reach solidarity will unite working people, those who fight against capital. We want to create such voluntary alliance, which on the basis of common values unite the most conscious members of workers society. Such a cooperation would make possible to constrain capital. We must understand that we can reach results only through struggle.

That’s why we start to take active part in civil movements. We are ready to set up a new women’s federation to unite those women who though not members of our party are against capitalism.


Communist and workers’ parties today are acting within national frameworks. But capital attacks us with international, transnational means. Opportunist and revisionist forces – utilising the possibilities of the European Parliament – also use against us transnational means.

It is a good thing that we also made some progress in this relation. The communist and workers’ parties hold yearly international meetings. There are regional meetings. The meetings in Brussels organised by the Communist party of Greece become a tradition. We started to publish ICR and it is constantly improving. Is it enough? It is a question. We think we need much more.

We have to demonstrate that communist movement in Europe does exist. We have to make our appearance in European matters more effective, and for it we must find proper institutes and forms. We must work out joint European communist strategy to create Europe of working people. We need co-ordinated political and technical work in media-war, in use of internet and mobile communication.

We are ready to set up a joint European communist party even tomorrow. At the same time we do understand the concerns of the larger parties. I ask you, comrades, let’s agree that we’ll be unable to make progress, moreover - even to survive if we act only within national frameworks. Let’s agree that we have no time remained. So let’s increase the number of joint institutes, which could lead to foundation of joint European party.

Thank you for your attention.

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