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Contribution of the Union des Révolutionnaires-Communistes de France

Socialism is the only alternative to capitalism

Dear comrades,

At the beginning, I’d like to express my deep thanks to the comrades of the communist party of Greece, for their initiative, and for inviting us.

Dear comrades, every day, the facts and the events attest that humanity is facing to a world that is becoming more dangerous, unjust. The origin of that illness is not the bad governance of one government or another, but it is the nature of the capitalist system itself and in its tendency to provoke the frenetic pursuit of maximum profit in each realm of human activities.

The whole capitalist mode of production is in crisis. Indeed, we are facing today to a con-tradiction between the relation of production and the productive forces, and we are reaching to a point where the productive forces aren’t able to develop themselves in the capitalist relation of production without violent contradictions. De facto, the monopolistic bourgeoisie of the imperialistic states, to maintain her system of mastership and appro-priation of richness is destructing a part of the productive forces which does not guaranty the maximum benefit anymore.

The monopolistic bourgeoisie is outsourcing enterprises and companies to countries where the workforce is cheaper; she is eliminating the capital in excess, ruin the concur-rent companies and the dependent countries by weakening the weak links of the imperi-alist chain as Greece, Ireland, Portugal and numerous re-colonized countries. The higher the capitalistic profits are, the less the daily and vital needs of the majority of the people are satisfied (i.e. health, education, employment, accommodation, transports).

The fundamental axis of the class struggle today is to break that offensive of the capital, through strike, political and ideological counter-offensive. The putrefaction of the social link in France and in the other countries of the European Union takes its origin in the cen-tral strategy of the monopoles (carry out by the liberals as well as by the social-democrats) which consist to destroy all social conquests of the 20st century. In France, we constantly live the effects of that politic: we are facing to low wages, privatizations, mass unemployment, overexploitation through the lengthening of the time of work, at the level of the week as well as at the level of the career.

For communists, it is important to never forget that the struggle against opportunism is the conditio sine qua non of the victory in the struggle against imperialism. The conser-vatives and the social-democrats lean on much on the sabotage of the interests of the working class lead by the contemporary opportunism.

This fraction of the movement is objectively anti-communist and presents a subjective (non-materialistic) analysis of the capitalist crisis. For the opportunists, the “excess of the financial capitalism”, and some “dysfunctions” caused the crisis; the “economical logic” (the financial profitability) has to be reversed, the European Central Bank has to become “a bank for employment and productive investment”, in the framework of the imperialistic European Union, that means in the framework of the capitalistic property, of the power of the monopoles!

Such lies are in fact destined to hide a practice that aim to defend capitalism. The direc-tions of the trade-unions are accepting that kind of thesis to justify their capitulation in front of the destruction of the social accomplishment.

But in truth, the crisis and the aggravation of the contradiction of the capitalist system is a great occasion for the people to overthrow the capitalism!

The crisis of the bourgeois democracy

In France, as well as in the other imperialistic countries in Europe, the dictatorship of the financial oligarchy take place through the two-party system (composed by the party of the reaction and the party social-democrats). We can speak about joint governance be-cause, when one of the party is governing, the second one is governing the regional ex-ecutives for instance, because the people are deceived.

The reactionary forces and the social-democracy, in France and else where, are in pro-found agreement on the most important problems that regards capitalism : they agree with the defense of the interests of the financial aristocracy in the name of the “defense and the public aid of the enterprises”, the engagement in the imperialistic European Un-ion, the support to the wars of the French imperialism, which can be verified in the Gulf wars, in Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan and today in Libya and in the Ivory Coast.

The mystification of the opposition between the right and the left is less effective than in the past.

Actually, the political crisis expresses itself through the contradiction between the coun-try that is “represented” in the parliament and the real country, the real people. In 2005, when the referendum took place about the European Constitutional treaty, the right par-ties and the social-democracy called to vote YES (90 % of the deputies and the sena-tors). The NO won with 56 % of the votes. It was a victory for the people, and a partial but reel defeat for the capital and its agents : the treaty needed an institutional putsch to enforce itself, in a new but similar version.

Since then, the majority of the citizens abstain in the diverse elections. Regarding the one that are voting, especially by the workers, it is by default, by voting for the “slightest evil”. The contemporary opportunism in France is flying to the rescue of the bourgeois institutions, without denouncing and analyzing the class nature of those institutions. The opportunists are speaking about democratization of the international capitalism such as the IMF or the World Bank. So many dangerous lies that aim to hide the real nature of capitalism.

Nevertheless, to give the appearance that the bourgeois democracy is not facing to a crisis, the capitalists direct fascists or Trotskyists. Regarding the growing of the fascist ideas, we have to fight them dauntlessly, because racism is the instrument of the division of the working class. In fact, there is a big part of diversion in this. The right that lead the government (the party of Sarkozy) reclaims and applies daily some measures which the National Front is advocating. As to the opinion poll showing the growing of the fascist forces- opinion polls that are organized by institutions that are the property of the capi-talist class; through their opinion polls, it appears that the capitalists seems to prefer Strauss-Kahn and social-democracy for governing in 2012

In France, the communists have to struggle for the abrogation of the monarchy-presidential system, for the creation of a new Constituent Assembly. The Union of the revolutionary communists of France has launched a call to our comrades from other communists organizations, for the unity of the candidature of the communists in France. However, if it does not succeed, the Union of the Revolutionary communists of France will present her own lists in the next legislative, not because we think that real political changes can occur in that way, but to use the bourgeois parliamentary institutions of the Capital, as the Leninists does. We have to work to transform this political crisis into a revolutionary crisis.

The only revolutionary strategy: the struggle for the socialism

The liquidation of the French (leninist) communist party was the consequence of an op-portunistic strategy, strategy founded on a non-dialectical separation between intermedi-ate (democratic) tasks and the revolutionary (socialistic) perspective.

The absolutization of the intermediate tasks with the systematical anti-communist propa-ganda against real socialism in tow, which took an extreme figure with the “Euro-communism”, permitted to liquidate the strategy of the overthrow of the capitalistic State. But it is provisory.

Nevertheless, the contemporary opportunism is a reformist movement, opposed to the communist and the revolutionary movement. Totally dependent of the social-democracy, the contemporary opportunism is used as a “left” guarantee for the politic of the mono-poles lead by the social-democrats governments.

This heritage makes the reconstruction of a communist party in France difficult.

The priority for the URCF is the communistic work in the working class, in the enter-prises. With a double goal:

1) Create communistic cells to link the aspirations and the demand of the workers to the denunciation and the necessity of the overthrow of the capitalism. The URCF has made gains in this task.
2) Contribute, in the trade unions to create poles of struggles, defend the syndical-ism of class struggle, and link their aspirations and demands to the political struggle.

With our mass campaign “we have to accuse capitalism”, we bind each partial and iso-lated struggle to the general struggle for the socialism.

The opportunistic thesis of the XXst congress accredit the idea in the capitalist countries that an intermediate stage is judged necessary, which consists in the formation of a gov-ernment of the union of the left, under the hegemony of the social-democrats. But the past has shown that those governments were leading a politic of class collaboration. The VI congress of the Komintern demonstrated in his program for the world socialist revolu-tion that the workers of the developed capitalistic states are immediately facing to the tasks of the socialistic revolution.

To result on a revolution, the revolutionary process needs that the communist party binds all social- democratic, anti-war and anti-imperialist aspirations and also national-independence and cultural demands in a unique revolutionary movement under the he-gemony of the working class. At the same time, the communist party has got to explain that the origin of every social illness is capitalism. The solution to that illness is the so-cialist revolution, which means the popular power and the socialistic property of the means of production and exchange, economical planning. Socialism is the only alterna-tive to capitalism!

Long live the international communist movement

Long live to proletarian internationalism!

“Worker of Europe, rise up”
JL Sallé secrétaire général de l’URCF

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