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Finland Communist Workers’ Party for Peace and Socialism

Dear comrades

Capitalism has inevitably its impact on social development, as already Marx, Engels, Lenin, and later studies showed. Capitalism's development has confirmed their research to be correct. Our mission is to assess the current stage of development of capitalism and plan our action in such a way that best take forward the working class struggle against capitalism, nationally, but internationally as well.

The capitalist world lives mostly in the imperialist phase, where it lacks the strong opposition of socialist countries and the workers movement in capitalist countries. In the past, all the capitalist countries shared the main enemy that was the Soviet Union, so now the capitalist states are regrouping into spheres of interest, which they consider most suitable for themselves.

Interest groups such as the U.S., European Union, Russia and its allies, and many Asian countries put more emphasis on a common political will, but the economic and military alliance is being requested for new positions. Distributing the world into spheres of interest is going on at the moment. Such European interest group is the development of the European Union. It has developed fast after the Soviet Union no longer existed.

The European Union and its old colonies dominated by countries such as England, France and Germany are using the alliance to restore power by control of natural resources which they previously got themselves ruthlessly for example in Africa. The attack on Libya's oil resources under the UN flag is a blatant proof of this policy. UN subordination to accept an attack against Libya is against the UN's own principles of conduct, though not the first. Russia and China, the permanent members of the UN Security Council did not use their veto to prevent the UN flag to be adopted by the hands of attackers. By their act Russia and China expressed their consent of the attack because of their own economic interests, and participated in this division of the world for imperialist-capitalist policies.

The attack on Libya, of course, is about invading the oil resources for the oil companies, which represent the attackers. In the future, we will surely see an increasingly potent military attacks on those countries with significant natural resources within their territories and which have not been able to be subjugated under some interest group by other means. The forming interest groups will engage in a military race to be able to take over those areas with significant natural resources. The possibility of wars will grow as interest group attacks against individual countries, but also as wars between interest groups. The imperialist-capitalist development now seems to lead to this direction.

Securing the continuity of energy supply is one of the most important things of the world imperialist-capitalist politics. The solution, including adequate access to electricity, has been applied in many different manufacturing sources, including the use of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Power Plant Accident in Japan highlighted the danger of use of nuclear energy in electric power generation. In addition, the spent fuel storage creates a long-term task to ensure that the spent fuel does not pose a safety risk to the environment.

The Japanese nuclear plant accident has brought to people's conversation the existing electricity generation options. In this context, little attention has been paid, at least in Finland, to capitalism’s continued economic growth ideology. The characteristic of capitalism, an unplanned production of goods and spending natural resources, cause unnecessary wastage of energy production and consumption. The responsibility for the consequences of capitalist economic growth to human welfare and biodiversity are transferred to future generations.

The most important characteristic of capitalism that lavishes unnecessarily raw materials and energy and causes suffering of the people, is arms races and wars. Arms races and wars are also the largest threat to the whole nature. This is a significant issue the Green Parties never want to bring up.

The European Union and Finland are strongly in favor of taking part in the war policy. EU countries' participation in the occupation of Afghanistan and the ongoing attacks on Libya, are clear indications of the EU's imperial nature and its intentions to capture the power and the bourgeoisie's exploitation of workers rights. Money is spent on armaments and war, and increasingly at the same time the EU is undermining people's basic livelihood. Several EU countries economies are also in economic crisis as a result of financial speculation.

In reality, the whole EU region is a capitalistic crisis. The European Union and especially the EMU area enabled the emergence of the so-called crisis through the four EU freedoms. Naturally, the most important cause of the crisis is the unrestricted movement of capital across national borders. It has been possible to overheat the national economies of the countries with foreign debt. Capitalism develops its own way without restraint whenever it is not affected by political decisions.

Developments within the EU can not be fully considered as unplanned. The crisis provides an excellent basis for big business and the capitalist firm policy implementers to attack the working class. Workers fought for the pay and working conditions, as well as the basic social security and now they are required to be weakened, so that the capital district's loan will be repaid with interest. If this reduction in workers' living standards is carried out in Europe, the large private equity and venture capital circles have reached the goal of getting the EU's territory to compete against the U.S. and Asian economies. This is the free movement of capital. This is the free movement of goods. This is the free movement of labor.

In Finland the Communist Worker's Party is the only party consistently opposed to Finland's EU membership. We have also boycotted the European elections, and we are for "Breaking the European Union". The anti-popularity of the EU has remained high, which we see as an opportunity for changing the direction of policy and to strengthen the fight against capitalism.

The whole reformist workers' movement, leftist parties and trade unions in Finland have adopted the European Union membership. Reformist parties in the country's government have made major weakenings in workers' social security and privatized of state-owned manufacturing facilities.

The European Union cannot be changed into a Europe of the peoples. The European Union is a creature of big capital, that is proven by the crisis of capitalism. Only the Communist parties’ revolutionary action, which has many ties to the defense of the interests of the working class and rooting the working-class worldview to the human minds, can confirm the political direction in which the European Union will be destroyed and that leads to abolition of capitalism and the establishing of socialism.

In this situation, Communist and Labor parties are in front of the rising question: how can we hurry up destroying capitalism, before it destroys the conditions for life on Earth. Our answer is promoting the class struggle of the working class. Together, we must create a strategy for this. Our party is willing to participate in this according to its resources.

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