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Contribution of the Communist Workers' Party of Russia - Revolutionary Party of Communists [En.]

RCWP representative’s speech highlights in Belgium (April, 12th, 2011)

We are fighting against backward movement: from peace stronghold to gendarmes

Dear comrades!

Needless to assert to this audience that working people rights’ curtailing, anti-communism enhancing and global economic crisis are of the same nature and are inevitable under capitalism.

After the USSR collapse (and we believe in its rebirth) all the above-mentioned things are common throughout the world. In fact they are worldwide. So-called liberal-democratic values expansion is still underway (freedom of funds transfer as well as freedom of working force transfer are implied) and social protection of citizens under monopolies is dwindling too. Actual crisis aggravation is, as a matter of fact, inevitable and anti-communism escalation is a natural reaction of capitalism to dissatisfaction growth and to working people resistance.

Where are the boundaries of this reaction growth? It is widely known: this monopoly capitalism state is called fascism.

Of course in various nations these conditions have different properties, however (it’s certain) this phenomenon is commonplace everywhere. Not only working people rights’ curtailing trends and methods are similar, the recipes which are being resorted to can be stated as follows:

-Masquerading under the fight against terrorism and extremism
-Political freedoms curtailing
-Working people rights curtailing, pressure upon them is getting harsher and harsher
-Putting the burden of crisis upon working people shoulders
-Anti-communism enhancing and various attempts to equalize communism with fascism
-Various attempts to play the nationalist card
-Enhancement of police control and other

Actually in Russia all this set of methods can be noticeable and it is to be said that Russian authorities are of the forefront of these phenomena. Although it may seem that (at PACE) Russian representatives are striving to withstand somehow European reaction, for instance, in their futile attempts to blame “Molotov-Ribbentrop pact”.

It is noteworthy that actual Russian bourgeois authority’s anti-communism and anti-sovietism have their peculiar properties as compared with the whole World Community. They prevail and penetrated into all spheres of life. It ought to be kept in mind that Russia has declared itself the USSR successor and its progressive positions are awaited by right.

Nevertheless, if the USSR (bearing in mind all its disadvantages, drawbacks) was considered to be a stronghold of peace and socialism, up-to-date Russia is steadily returning to the old (tsarist) Russia status – Europe gendarme. Its hypocritical position is manifested currently by its attitude towards aggression against Libya. They (so to say) had their hands washed.

Nowadays anti-communism in Russia is bearing highly refined character since it is exercised by former CPSU members who are squaring accounts with their past with frenzy trying to justify their political betrayal. From the other hand up-to-date Russian authorities are exploiting Soviet past extracting both material and moral profit from it (millionaires’ number is overwhelming, Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world). Thus, Russian authorities are declaring overtly that they’re fascism winners successors, Victory Days are nationwide celebrated annually, military parades are held in Red Square, governors are photographed with war heroes, at present is celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of space flight by Yuri Gagarin and so on and so forth. But all these achievements supposedly do not belong to socialism and to the Soviet people, but only to Russia, to Russian people even contrary to the rule of the Bolsheviks who are hateful for bourgeoisie.

Eventually one can come to the conclusion that objectives set by Hitler are now attained by Russian bourgeois authorities, they are:
-Soviet power is suppressed
-Capitalists institutions are renewed
-Land lots are sold and purchased
-The flag of betrayer general Vlasov who was in Hitler army during the World War II became now the state flag of Russia
-Polizei appeared instead of people’s militsia
-State authorities contribute to religious stupefying of people
-“Destalinization” policy is proclaimed a State affair that’ll aggravate anti-communist hysteria

Naturally capitalism establishment is accompanied by working people rights curtailing (mean wages at the end of 2010 was approximately 500 euro’s per months, the stratification of society (decile Coefficient) is according to official figures 16, in fact more than 30; moreover up-to-date Russian authorities are steadily keeping flat scale of taxation - on workers and on billionaires of equally 13 %, for dividends and incomes from securities even 9 %. Furthermore ordinary Russian reaction enhancing and police is omnipresent. Especially rigid reaction of authorities is caused with attempts of the organized resistance and trade-union struggle of workers. It’s enough to say that only one strike occurred in 2010 was acknowledged legal by Russian courts.

It’s so hard to come out on strike that almost all strikes (according to current Russian legislation) are illicit. Russian authorities are doing their best to keep Russian working class outside of politics. Currently Russian legislation is so fierce that it’s practically impossible to partake in elections without Kremlin permission, the same pertains to any party’s setting up.

Methods of struggle against left forces are the same as worldwide - a pillar on a revisionism and opportunism, for whom the limit on revolution has ended, on the bourgeois and petit bourgeois parties posing as defenders of the people.

Lenin pointed out that authorities always support opportunist parties that look like genuine revolutionary ones. In Russia this role is played by parliamentary CPRF headed by G.Ziuganov. This trend is not hidden by our authorities. Thus, V.Putin in his book which has been published recently and which title is “From the first person” answering correspondent’s question declared that communists had all chances to turn into a real European social-democratic parliamentary party provided they get rid of their “cockroaches” (it should be stressed that as for him “cockroaches” are revolution, nationalization, Soviet power and working class dictatorship). He believes that CPRF leaders realize it but consider their electors’ mood and are afraid to loose their voters. This strategy purpose is comprehensible: to hold back peoples’ revolutionary energy by endless, everlasting expectations of positive results obtained at official elections. And it’s not by chance that their newspaper “Pravda” (“the Truth”) quite often positively responds about actions of PEL.

Our RCWP by upper Court decision, in 2005, was deprived of registration; therefore it’s unable to partake in official elections. However we do the basic rate on the organization of class struggle outside of parliament, first of all – through creation of working trade unions and other organizations of workers, but thus we are not going to refuse possibilities of use of elements of parliamentarism. Alongside with some working trade-unions we set up political block named “Russian United Working Front” and we are striving to obtain its registration (for more than a year). Russian Ministry of Justice refused to have it registered four times. We handed in our application (with appropriate papers enclosed) for the fifth time.

It is thus indicative that the draft to set up a workers' party has received desperate repulse not only from the official bourgeois power, but also from parliamentary opposition. Gennady Zyuganov named this attempt the Kremlin project, ostensibly designed to take votes from those who are already represented in parliament (that is, the CPRF).Thus, as V.I.Lenin warned us: we are struggling not only against government, but against opportunist petit bourgeois parties which are its acolytes by their nature.

We took a decision to continue our political work on education and mobilization of workers on struggle and at the same time we will do our best to have our party registered and we will try to partake in the forthcoming elections (but not in the current year, the authorities all the same have managed to prevent it).

One can come to the common to all political forces conclusion: Lenin’s warning from his outstanding work “Imperialism as the capitalism highest stage” is especially to the point actually. It is quoted as follows: “Struggle against imperialism in case it is not closely connected with struggle against opportunism is an empty, false statement” (Full collection of compositions, v.27, page 424). Real communists are those who struggle against imperialism by driving opportunism into a corner.

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