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Contribution of the Communist Party in Denmark

Communnist Party in Denmark

Dear comrades,

Capitalism’s latest crisis has cost the society and the vast majority of the population dearly. The neo liberal policies of the EU and the Danish government increase the financial crisis of the people, aggravate the unemployment and add to the inequality in society. Over the latest years capitalist crises have emerged with still shorter intervals. The recent crisis is the deepest. The current financial crisis has been eased through relief measures from the Treasuries, and the profits are going up again. On the other hand society and the populations are hit hard by the crisis. The policy of the uncontrolled liberal market costs dearly.

The present crisis is caused by financial speculation. A speculation with the sole purpose of making profits rise to historical levels. Now the party is over, and instead of letting the finance capital pay for its own speculation and crisis it was given bank packages with billions of Euros to secure its profits. Bank packages that the people must now pay for.

In the best of liberal styles everything in society must be privatized. In Denmark we have the world’s highest percent of taxation, but the Danish model has also made everybody pay to the “common kitty”. The Danes have chosen to keep that tax, because it was there to secure everybody all the way through life: when children go to school, get an education, if you fall ill and need a safe old age when you have been worn out in the labour market. This has made the Danes pay their tax with joy. The Danish tax is a collective insurance.

Now everything has to be made into a commodity: private caretaking of children, private schools, private funds at the universities to determine research, private hospitals which through a “treatment warranty” undermine the public hospitals and private care for the elderly. A system that secures the rich a good life but also results in a big residual group forced into poverty without the possibility of an education, with huge unemployment causing social misery, waiting time for treatment of diseases and thrown at a minimum care for the elderly, if they manage to grow that old!

The financial crisis has uncovered the weaknesses of the common European currency the Euro. The Danish politicians have for a longer time wanted Denmark to join the European Economic and Monetary Union. In order to rescue the common currency the EU has sacrificed over 6 million jobs in the EU. At the same time the EU Commission wants to use the crisis for a closer integration in the EU. All national budgets must be monitored, and the countries that break the discipline must be punished by their pockets. Tax reliefs for the capital, increased expenditure on the military and participation in wars, privatizations have lead to big deficits in national budgets. Not complying with the demands of convergence of the monetary union has lead to demands from the EU Commission and the Council of Ministers of the EU countries to cut public budgets. To us that is a confirmation of the EU as a neo liberal project which is basically an attempt to develop the need of capitalism for higher profits.

With the creation of the pact for the Euro countries there will be a stronger coordination of the economic policies regarding competitive capacity and convergence. Frames have been laid out for controlling the policies of cut backs. From the EU there is a demand for biased cuts in workers’ conditions: there has to be an evaluation of the development in wages and production and the need for adjustment of the competitive capacity.

There will be established central arrangements of the setting of wages and controlling the development in wages. In Denmark we are used to negotiate wages directly between the employers and the workers.

“In order to secure the full implementation of the Pact of Stability and Growth big attention will be given to: sustainable pensions, healthcare and social benefits”. Sustainable pensions mean that the last drop of blood must be squeezed out of the workers. Only those who have been able to afford private pensions will have a dignified old age. That will also go for social and health matters. Private insurance will secure the insurance companies larger profits.

The Euro Pact must secure that the Euro does not collapse. At the same time there has been opened up to other countries of the EU who are not members of the Euro to adopt the pact.

Denmark is not a part of the Euro cooperation and the Danish people has said NO 3 times. In spite of that the Danish government supported by the EU eager parties in the parliament has adopted the pact. The Euro must be introduced in Denmark by the back way. The Social Democratic party and the Socialist Peoples’ party (die Linke) are almost the most enthusiastic. In Denmark we are having parliamentary elections this year. Unfortunately we have seen that a future “workers’ government” will not pursue a different policy. It will continue a reformist/liberal policy backing up the EU cuts. The main motto in the electoral campaign directed at the working class is: you must all work 12 minutes more per day. This motto means 60.000 more unemployed. Already there are 230.000 unemployed. Unfortunately we have seen that the leaders of the Danish labour movement support Denmark’s adoption of the Euro Pact, apparently for fear of a so called “workers’ government” not being elected in the upcoming elections. The progressive part of the labour movement tries together with the Communist movement to stop the Euro Pact, but we are not very strong in Denmark. Yet, at the same time we have a cross-party organization The Popular Movement against the EU which through a concrete cooperation against the EU has been able to reveal the intentions of the EU. KPiD and DKP are parts of this organization. Together with The Popular Movement against the EU we demand that the population be asked!

Unfortunately we have also seen that each time the USA and NATO want to go to war Denmark is in. In Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Libya Danish military planes and soldiers bomb the civilian population. These wars are not about democracy but only about oil and increased profits for the arms industry. We have seen that in both the Danish parliament and in the EU parliament former communists and so called socialists have been in favour of Danish participation in Libya. The member of the EU parliament for The Popular Movement against EU will have some explanation to do and will be explained that he cannot support a common EU military and foreign policy.

We are not struggling for socialism now.

The Danish population is not ready for that yet, but without forgetting the final goal the communists in Denmark will try to limit the atrocities of the capital.

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