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Contribution of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

Current News about a further advancement of Czech right-wing government coalition against CPBM

Since an intention ether to ban or to suspend a work of our party to be announced by current right-wing government of Czech Republic, all the situation has reached to further development.

Election preferences of government parties declining, a struggle for both the power and the votes of right-wing-minded electoral is going to sharpen. These parties have been giving highly controversial news to the media about each other, which in the countries where the Parliamentary democracy has been respected would have to result in a resignation of some ministers or even of all the government. The point is that the news has been connected with a suspicion of the corruption, the extortion, or the bribery of the MPs. However, the only thing the government reaches an agreement with, it is to maintain the power, and so, despite these quarrels, there is no threat of the government coalition's disintegration. Under these conditions, any crackdown against the Communist Party would be useful for the government to be the topics to cover up its own disputes.

Up-to-now, there have been presented no concrete proposal to restrict the CPBM's work; the government, however, has announced some steps through the media, this intention allegedly to ground by:

1. A group within the Ministry of the Interior has launched its activity to vet the CPBM. We have no information given to its true work and intentions. For the time being, some leak of information - obviously to be under control - has occurred, to be evidently some kind of test bubbles - they should test our response, an opinion of the lawyers' public and a response of broader citizens' public as well as possible responses from abroad.

2. The first of these leaks, it was the information about setting spies on the CPBM's work by the Security Information Service (BIS). An indication has arisen the CPBM's extensions to be tapped. By voice of its chairman, Vojtech Filip, the CPBM has responded to it by the statement that the Party would intend to change nothing of its work; it would not stop its criticism towards the government; it would further organize protests; and it would further submit its own counterproposals in the Parliament, to oppose the anti-people reforms of the government.

3. Due to the activities mentioned above, it is obvious that public speeches of both our officials and deputies have been monitored. Thus, Vojtech Filip, the Chairman of the CPBM's Central Committee, in his speech on the March session of the CPBM's CC, had pointed out it would be impossible by the Party officials to prefer their own opinions given to the past to the programme or to another Party documents being passed. He stressed, that the speeches would have to be balanced, and if there would be mentioned advantages of the past regime, it is impossible to neglect the fact the mistakes, political trials and so on had been occurred. Besides the fact, that any evaluation like this wouldn't be fair when only some piece of the truth to be said, it could, above all, to play into government's hands in its intention to strike the CPBM. Vojtech Filip recommended us to dedicate our activities preferentially to defending of people's rights from the government's steps as it to be the most interesting issue for them.

4. Another aimed leak from ministry circles has striven for calling the CPBM registration into question. That thought of then Czechoslovak Ministry of Interior staff had allegedly been deduced from the idea the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia to be registered in 1990, it has meant earlier than Czechoslovak Federative Republic was split, as only regional organisation of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia of the period, which, although to be not longer existing that time, the Unlawfulness of the Communist Regime Act could be taken against the Communist party. That's why the registration of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia has allegedly been invalid as a matter of fact. However, as the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia being from the very beginning registered as an independent juridical person, this information has been all false. Moreover, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia has repeatedly asked for a certificate during several years to be a political party being properly kept in the Register of the Ministry of Interior of Czech Republic in accordance with a valid law about an association into political parties and movements. We have the last of these certificates to be dated at the beginning of March, 2011. Through the media, the CPBM has put the disinformation record straight.

Signs of the atmosphere in general, to be encouraged by Czech government's approach, they are also direct menaces by ultra-right wing groups towards the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia. For example, the Czech Press Office has drawn an attention on the websites of some neo-Nazi groups called the Blood and Honour, where you can see, among others, an instruction how to throw a hand shell or a bomb to the gate of the Communist Party headquarters from any running car. The fact that it has been found by the journalists, and not by the Police of the Czech Republic or the BIS who should make a monitoring of similar xenophobic and racist groups, it is very pregnant. They spy on our party instead.

It can be expected for sure that government's similar attempts to challenge the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia's existence will follow. Therefore, the CPBM considers some juridical steps, and it is ready to ask its foreign partners and world's progressive democratic forces for a solidarity support.

Press Office of the CPBM's Central Committee, April 5, 2011

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