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Programme of KKE


The foundation of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in 1918, which was hastened by the Great October Socialist Revolution, was the mature product of the growth of the labour movement in Greece and of its convergence with the theory of scientific socialism.

The vanguard KKE, the class-conscious and organised segment of the working class, has as its ultimate objective the overthrow of capitalism and the building of socialism and communism.

It is guided by the world theory of Marxism-Leninism. It strives to assimilate this theory and to develop it creatively, generalising the experience of the labour and popular movement.

Decades of experience by the international communist movement and KKE confirm that the working class cannot accomplish its historic mission unless it has its own strong, well organised and theoretically equipped party, a new type of party.

The KKE adheres to the principle of proletarian internationalism, of international solidarity and co-operation with the working people all over the world. It fulfils its internationalist obligations consistently, participates in the struggle for the rebuilding, unity and strengthening of the international communist and labour movement.

From the time of its foundation, KKE steadfastly defended the USSR, the socialist system in Europe and the other socialist countries. It participated in the Communist International and in subsequent efforts by the international communist movement to create a common strategy against imperialism. It expressed its solidarity with the struggles of the world’s working class, with the peoples fighting for national liberation, democracy and socialism. KKE in turn, at critical and difficult periods in its struggle, also received international solidarity and support from the international communist and labour movement.

KKE, a profoundly patriotic party, is the genuine and worthy inheritor of the national, democratic and revolutionary traditions of the Greek people. It fights against every manifestation of fascism, nationalism, chauvinism and racism. It defends the rights of minorities and migrants.
Throughout its history, KKE has linked the struggle for socialism with the struggle for national independence and democracy, for a Greece independent of imperialist economic, political and military organisations. It refuted the theory of Greece as a “poor relative”. It proved that the Greek people can rely first of all on its own material and intellectual forces. Communists were in the front ranks during the heroic years of EAM and the National Resistance and in the fight of the Democratic Army.

KKE, in its 78 years of heroic history, fought against the concept of class collaboration between the exploiters and the exploited. Under difficult circumstances, it was able to retain its revolutionary nature. Using open self-criticism, it fought against and dealt with the consequences of the mistakes and deviations that have occurred during its long and eventful history.

KKE struggles against imperialist wars, defends peaceful co-existence between peoples. The threat of war will be present as long as imperialism, the source of war, exists. The fight to defend the peace is inextricably linked with the anti-imperialist struggle, the struggle for socialism.

KKE is a profoundly democratic party. Throughout its history it has proven to be an unwavering defender of the people’s democratic, civil and trade union rights. The way in which it is organised, its principles and operating regulations, its links with the masses, its recognition of the revolutionary role of the working class and the other popular masses constitute a persuasive expression of its democratic character.

KKE has proven to be a consistent and steadfast defender of the culture of the Greek people. It has fought against obscurantism and bigotry, it has fought for a deeply humanist, scientifically-based education for the people. It has supported the efforts and scientific work of the progressive intelligentsia; it has promoted the lattr’s role in labour struggles, in the liberation, democratic struggle.

From the time it was founded, KKE has stood by Greek youth. It has shown care and concern over their problems and their future. It continues to look with confidence upon the young generation and to count on their abilities to contribute to building the socialist future. Its entire history proves the need for its existence in Greek society.

KKE Programme presents, along general lines, its overall strategy for socialism and the main tasks of the class struggle.
Programme of KKE


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