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Turkey, Communist Party of Turkey [TKP] [En.]

Dear Comrades,

The Communist Party of Turkey sends its warmest fraternal greetings to the Congress of the Communist Party of Greece. We wish you great success in your 19th Congress, which is held at a critical conjecture.

The heroic struggle of the Greek communists against fascism and reactionary forces for the liberation of their country and social justice is a source of inspiration and pridefor all communists throughout the world. As a patriotic and revolutionary force, the Communist Party of Greece has always been the vanguard of the struggle against the corrupt capitalist rule of the Greek bourgeoisie.

We believe that fraternal relations between the communist parties of Greece and Turkey are the sole sincere guarantee of peace and brotherhood between our peoples. The Communist Party of Turkey will continue to be in close solidarity with the Greek communists in our common fight against capitalism and imperialism in our region.

The communists have engaged in a fierce struggle to defend the rights of the working class, which is under an impudent assault conducted by the Greek bourgeoisie and the imperialist capital. The communists and the pioneers of the working class have not surrendered to the lies of the bourgeoisie fabricated to make toiling masses pay the price of the capitalist crisis. In these days of economic collapse, The European Union has been acting as the mouthpiece of the European capital, which only proved the rightfulness of the Communist Party of Greece in blaming the European Union for being the tool of imperialism.

We have no doubt that the Communist Party of Greece will escalate its struggle against the current anti-labor assault. In the near future, the theses prepared by the Central Committee will illuminate the rigorous fight to defend and expand the rights of people.

We believe that your 19th Congress will be a significant step in the march towards building a better future free of poverty, inequality and exploitation. The future is socialism. Conveying our sincere greetings to the members of the Communist Party of Turkey, we, once again, wish you great success in your congress.

Long live the brotherhood Greek and Turkish working classes!

Long live the Communist Party of Greece!

Long live socialism!

Central Committee

Communist Party of Turkey


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