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Poland, Communist Party of Poland [En.]

Warsaw, 31.03.2013.

Dear Comrades

Communist Party of Poland sends warmest fraternal greetings to delegates for the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of Greece.

For years we observe struggle of the Communist Party of Greece for socialism. We appreciate the role of KKE in Europe as the most militant and mass of the communist organisations. For us you remain an inspiring examples.

We fully agree with definition of capitalist crisis given by the KKE. Your party is amongst political forces free of illusions that the capitalist system may be reformed and made more humane. Contemporary crisis of the EU countries is a result of neoliberalism and the only alternative to it is socialism. Countries such as Greece and Poland are being exploited by the global, multinational companies. Governments are acting in favour of big monopolies and guarding class interests of the capitalist class.

Also the other processes mentioned in THESES OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF GREECE FOR THE 19TH CONGRESS are interesting for us in Poland. Our countries are both placed at the peripheries of the global imperialist system and used as its tools. Governments of Greece, Poland and other states become pawns in a play of the imperialist centres. They participate in aggressive military pacts such as NATO and the so called war on terrorism.

In a times of the capitalist crisis and austerity measures implemented in the EU countries we need an international solidarity more than ever. We are facing challenges that can be met only through the international cooperation. That is why Communist Party of Poland appeals for the common struggle of the communist movement in defence of the working class, abolishment of the capitalist system and imperialism – both US and of the EU countries.

We wish KKE fruitful and successful Congress which will contribute to the common cause of the class struggle.


On behalf of the Communist Party of Poland

Beata Karoń



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