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Netherlands, New Communist Party of the Netherlands [En.]

Dear comrades,

We feel pitty not to be with you during the 19th Congress of the KKE. We understand the reason why this is not possible this time.

The world-wide contradictions between 'Labour' and 'Capital' are growing rapidly. Although capitalism is in a deep sytematic crisis of overproduction, there is no reason to be satified, because that evil system is still mighty and becoming more dangerous day by day as we see in many places around the world.

The main reason this system is still able to overcome the may difficulties and internal contradictions is the weakness of the labour class at the time. After years of neoliberal influences in Europe of the national governments and the EU, supported by the mass-media, based on the ideology of social democracy, christian democracy and liberals/conservatives, political and ideological compatible, many people in the working class are confused. Therefore our main duty is to reach these people and bring them in contact with our ideology.

The current problem however are the ideological differences inside the communist and workers movement. Only the correct political, economical and ideolocal line will help to overcome the stagnation and false illusions. This ideological fight inside the communist movement is intense and will not stop tomorrow.

The Central Committee of the New Communist Party of the Netherlands is sure the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of Greece is an important milestone in the fight for the struggle in Greece, but also in the fight for the establishment of genuine communist parties: marxist-leninist parties.

We need to overcome capitalism, only socialism can give mankind a decent future.

We wish the KKE-leadership and members and the Greek people a strong, united, successful and fruitful 19th Congres.

Long live international solidarity,


for the Central Committee of the NCPN,


with communist greetings,


Wil van der Klift

International secretary


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