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March 29, 2013


Dear Comrades and all the delegates to the 19th Congress of the KKE:


We, Activist Group Shiso-Undo, the Japanese activist group with Marxism-Leninism guidelines of actions, would like to send our greetings of heartfelt solidarity with respect and gratitude to the KKE upon your 19th Congress to be held in April, 2013.


The volunteered representatives of our group visited your country in January 2013. Despite the very busy schedule calling for the Party Congress, the KKE kindly accepted their visit and warmly welcomed them. It was a proof of comradeship based on the spirit of proletarian internationalism. Thanks to your hospitality, we can now report to you that we could achieve a lot of fruitful objectives.


The four years in between your last Congress and this Congress was a special period that the offensive by capitalist exploitation and deprivation went fiercer against the working class of the world as well as the Greek working class. The working class of Greece, led by the KKE, has confronted against the enforced austerity policy by troika with the repeated general strikes forerun by PAME. Needless to say, against the obliged retreat by the dismantle of the world socialism system and the victory of the counterrevolution, your struggles, thrusting aside the illusion of revisionism under the name of “managing capitalism,” focusing on perspectives to overthrow capitalism, and on establishment of people’s power and realization of socialism, have encouraged the peoples of the world suffering the barbarism and the greed of capitalism.


Back in 1998, we learned the KKE’s deployment of class struggles based on proletarian internationalism, when the world communist parties and workers’ parties got together in Athens commemorating the 150th anniversary of publication of the Communist Manifesto. Since then we have continued disseminating to the Japanese working class the International Meetings of Communist and Workers’ Parties, which became annually held by the initiatives of the KKE, the messages and the touch of the struggles of KKE standing at the forefront of the world class struggles. We have deployed international solidarity movement, although not enough, targeting to join the world vanguard lines together with the workers and the people, setting proletarian dictatorship against bourgeois dictatorship. Taking this opportunity, we express our full support to your extraordinary efforts, trying to defend the principles based on Marxism-Leninism revolution theories, to your struggles on ideology to criticize and overcome liquidationist attitudes totally denying the significance of building the socialism system of the 20th century, and above all to your tremendous efforts to revive the spirit of proletarian internationalism to the contemporary.


Our activities in Japan are in extreme difficulties. The labor movement has retreated with little countermeasures in front of the general assault by the capitalist class trying to convert the crisis of capitalism into further exploitation of the working class and the working people. The deterioration in quality and in power of the political forces, that should be the vanguard of the working class, is so much as we cannot look straight. The society overall is full of the sense of blockade, and the bare bourgeois dictatorship is appearing.


For abolition of exploitation and deprivation and for realization of socialism, KKE is insisting that the workplaces and production sites should be the main battle grounds. We fully agree with you. We are determined to try to learn the theory and experiences of KKE, to raise the banner of ideas joining the struggles, focusing on seizing the power by the working class, and to confront with the imminent difficulties.


In the spirit of international solidarity we sincerely hope that the 19th Congress of KKE would achieve fully the aimed objectives and would contribute to the progress of the Greek and the world class struggles.


In solidarity,





The Standing Steering Committee

Activist Group SHISO-UNDO


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