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Ireland, Communist Party of Ireland [En.]


Greece, Athens, 8th April

Communist Party of Greece

Dear comrades,

The 19th Congress of the KKE takes place at a very critical time, a period of intense class struggle by monopoly capital and imperialism to drive back the working class, not only in Greece but globally. They are using every possible divisive tactic to break workers’ organisations and to undo the advances made by the working class internationally over many decades. Not alone are they attempting to solve the crisis of the system at the expense of the working class but there is now also a permanent state of war in many areas of the globe, to halt the desire for freedom and justice by the oppressed of the world.

Today the European Union is increasingly being exposed to growing millions of workers as one of the main tools of control by monopoly capitalism. It is an imperialist bloc, designed to maintain the power and control of monopoly capitalism.

Your party has contributed in no small way to exposing its true class character. Over recent years the struggle of the Greek working class against both the Greek bourgeoisie and the European Union has inspired workers everywhere. The contribution of the KKE to the mobilisation of Greek workers has lifted high the banner and the morale of all communists throughout Europe.

Now, as never before, we need the unity of all revolutionary working-class forces in a united struggle to end the destruction of the living standards of workers and to prevent the destruction of the global environment in the drive for superprofits by monopoly capitalism.

We Irish communists express our solidarity with the members of the KKE gathered at your 19th Congress as well as all KKE militants, and we await the deliberations and the resolutions of your congress with great interest.

Once again we extend our warm greetings and anti-imperialist solidarity to the KKE at this crucial time.

Eugene Mc Cartan

General Secretary


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