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Finland, Communist and Workers' Party for Peace and Socialism [En.]


To the 19th Congress of the KKE

The political committee of the Communist Workers´ Party for Peace and Socialism (KTP, Finland) greets the Communist Party of Greece for your 19th party congress. We want to send the best greetings in fight to your party and its members.

In Finland we recognize the crisis of European and international capitalism coming slowly to our economy too. We live in deteriorating state of our social security system. Unemployment is growing. Even officially has been admitted that at least 400 000 people in Finland has been affected by unemployment. At same time our government tries to get foreign investments to our country. And now everything is in sale, even the minerals in our soil. Finland has been rated as the most investment friendly country for mining. So during last ten years there has been growing mining-boom and with it have also appeared new menaces to ecosystem. The last example is what happened on November in Talvivaara mine in Sotkamo, in north-east part of Finland. About 2 millions cubes contaminated waters with heavy metals and uranium has leaked to our groundwater, river and lake system. In last municipal elections in Finland only 58 % participated in election. All government parties lost in their positions in municipalities. BasicFinns –party was the winner in the election. Party is a nationalist right-wing party, using people´s critical sentiments towards European Union in political game but not for leaving the EU.

Communist Workers Party in Finland works with the people and their organizations for EU resignation. We see that only by getting back sovereign Finnish State, Finnish people is able to defend it´s sovereignty over natural resources. KTP demands nationalization in basic industry like mining. KTP has already for years fought NATO, which tries to tie Finland in common front against Russia. More than 60 % of Finnish people do not want membership in NATO but the pressure towards membership is strong. Now KTP has campaigns against participation of Finnish aircraft to military air surveillance in NATO-Iceland, which has been suggested to Finland by NATO.

We hope and trust that your 19th Congress will provide right analysis and decisions in your fight against imperialism and capitalism in Greek and for socialism.




Communist Workers´Party for Peace and Socialism (Finland)

Polical committee

Mikko Vartiainen



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