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Denmark, Danish Communist Party [En.]

Message of Greetings


To the KKE.


Dear Comrades.


On occasion of your 19th Congress we hereby convey our warmest congratulations, wishing your congress every success.


In all of Europe the systemic crisis of Capitalism is deepening, and the peoples are suffering under harsh – and of course futile – measures. Whether governments are lead by bourgeois or social democratic parties makes no difference, since they willingly obey to the EU-orders.

The attacks on national sovereignty, democratic rights, and especially on the union labour movement are open, and brutal under a law of “necessities”. 

The national fight as well as the fight against the EU must therefore be strengthened as an economic as well as a political, and not least an ideological struggle.


During the period since your 18th congress your party have met with and combated serious challenges. These struggles have provided a range of positive experiences and developments, and they shine as beams of light for us in our own struggle.


The new step in your anti-imperialist, anti-monopolist strategy, The People’s Alliance will be assigned by your congress, and we shall with great interest follow the development of People’s Committees, and also further developments in the activities and struggles of PAME.


Dear Comrades, be sure of our steadfast solidarity with the KKE and with the people of Greece. We were proud to be able to reach out to the steelworkers in strike last year, and to meet with them in Greece and in Copenhagen.

We shall also continue our effort to inform the Danish working class about what is really going on in Greece through our paper, the Daily Worker.


Long live international solidarity!


Jørgen Petersen, president / Nikolaj Kofod, international relations


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