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Bangladesh, Workers' Party of Bangladesh [En.]


The Central Committee

Communist Party of Greece

27th March, 2013

Sub: The 19th Congress of Communist Party of Greece (KKE)


Dear Comrades,

The Central Committee of Workers Party of Bangladesh would like to express its deep satisfaction at the 19th Congress of KKE. We feel deeply involved with the comrades of KKE, who are waging a long drawn struggle at this juncture of history and we do believe that the working class of Greece under the able leadership of KKE, will be able to make a place in history, by fighting the moribund bourgeois political system and the anti-communist propaganda and legislation of the European Parliament.


Greece has been going through a deep and lengthiest crisis of capital from 2009 onwards and unfortunately all the steps taken by the euro zone and Greek bourgeoisie political system has not only failed to bring Greece out of this crisis, but rather has aggravated the situation and which ultimately led in new economic burden on the working class of Greece, each and every day.


The Workers Party of Bangladesh do believe that the working class of Greece under the leadership of Communist Party of Greece would be able to make the people of Greece realize, the inevitability of socialist system, which could and would bring Greece out of this crisis.


We would like to congratulate all the delegates of Communist Party of Greece, participating in this Congress and wish the 19th Congress of KKE a great success.


With Revolutionary Greetings


Fraternally Yours



Rashed Khan Menon                                                      Anisur Rahman Mallick

President                                                                                  General Secretary




Central Committee

Workers Party of Bangladesh



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