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Bangladesh, Communist Party of Bangladesh [En.]


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28th March, 2013  

Dhaka. Bangladesh


Message of Greetings from the Communist Party of Bangladesh to the

19th Congress of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE).


The Central Committee of the Communist party of Bangladesh conveys its warm revolutionary greetings to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the delegates to its 19th Congress.


The 19th  Congress of KKE is going to be held at a time when Communist and the Left-Democratic forces of European region are  facing the danger of severe imperialist assault and neo fascism. Also poverty, unemployment and economic crisis of the state etc.


We are confident that your party will be able to successfully fight these evils and dangers and lead the nation in its struggle against imperialism and capitalist regime and thus march forward toward peace and progress. We would like to assure you that our party will firmly stand by your struggle for social emancipation of the people. As you know, in the international arena, imperialism particularly US imperialism has become more aggressive than before. It has the dream of re-colonization’. Military aggression against Libya, Mali, drone attack in Afghanistan and continuous threat against Iran, Syria and many other countries, particularly oil-rich Arab countries prove that imperialism, particularly US imperialism want to go back to the medieval period and destroy the major achievement of mankind regarding freedom and democracy.

We hope that KKE would successfully perform its international task of fighting Neo-Liberal economic agenda, imperialism, developing solidarity with the struggling people throughout the world and building up the above mentioned broader anti-imperialist coalition.


The CPB is trying to fight imperialist intervention in our country, ruthless exploitation by the ruling bourgeois class and oppressive government representing the said bourgeois class, and also against religious fundamentalism and communalism. We are developing struggles of the toiling classes in order to achieve revolutionary democracy with the socialist perspective. CPB while fighting within our country against class enemies, is also trying to perform its international task, as a part of the international working class.


We regret that due to some unavoidabale circumstances we could not send delegation to your Congress.


We hope that CPB and Communist Party of Greece would remain, as ever before, fraternal parties with even more close understanding and practical cooperation, being loyal to Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism.


Wish your congress to be successful.


Long live the friendship between KKE and CPB

Long live proletarian internationalism

Long live the Communist Party of Greece.         


With fraternal greetings-



(Syed Abu Jafar Ahmed)

General Secretary


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