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Austria, Communist Initiative [En.]

Message of Greeting of the Communist Initiative Austria to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of Greece, 11-14 April, 2013



Dear comrades,


We wish to convey our deepest fraternal greetings to the delegates, gathered in Athens for the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of Greece.


We have followed the impressive work of the comrades of the KKE during the last years of intensive struggle against capitalist oppression, against imperialist crisis policies of the European Union, for national souvereignity, freedom, peace and socialism. The KKE is a shining and inspiring example for the communist and workers' parties of the world as a firm and strong militant party based on Marxism-Leninism, revolutionary class struggle and organised people's resistance.


A party of the type of the KKE does not exist in contemporary Austria. Our Marxist-Leninist coalition movement, the Communist Initiative Austria, has been working for already eight years and still is working for the recreation of a party of this type, in close cooperation with the Communist Youth Organisation, the Communist Students' Union and the Communist Trade Union Initiative. During the last few months we have taken several concrete steps towards the goal of founding and constituting the "Party of Labour of Austria" as a new revolutionary, Marxist-Leninist workers' party in Austria. We are now very glad to inform you, that the founding congress of this party will be held in Vienna by October of this year. The Communist Initiative will be certainly dissolved in favour of the new party.


We look forward to establish close ties between the Party of Labour of Austria and the KKE, in order to link the internationalist and common struggle of the working class and the other oppressed social classes of our two peoples, of Europe and of the entire world.


We finally hope for a successful and productive party congress of the KKE and we want to deliver our best solidary wishes for your struggles and aspirations.


Long live the KKE and the Greek working class!

Long live Marxism-Leninism and the socialist revolution!

Long live international solidarity!


With comradely greetings,


Central Committee of the Communist Initiative Austria

Vienna, 28 March, 2013


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