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Australia, Communist Party of Australia [En.]

Australia, March 2013

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the members of the Communist Party of Australia, I send warmest fraternal greetings to delegates and other comrades gathered for the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of Greece. Australia is a country made up mostly of migrants from other lands, including Greece, and our Parties have a special bond in a shared history of struggle. The CPA wishes you great success in the planning of the work of the KKE in the years to come and has confidence in your capacity to forge ahead along the road leading to liberation and socialism.

Your Congress takes place at a dangerous time for the peoples of the world with their hopes for peace and prosperity. US imperialism is displaying even greater recklessness in the face of its inevitable decline. Countries across the globe, from the Middle East, Africa, Asia to Latin America are bracing themselves for attacks on their sovereignty, including military attack. NATO and other US allies, such as the government of Australia, persist with their disgraceful role as enemies of security and social justice. Governments of the capitalist world are planning to impose harsher and harsher austerity on the people, who they insist will pay the price of the corruption of their own ruling classes and the fundamental flaws of the capitalist system. The environment is showing signs of a deepening climate emergency.

The Communist Party of Greece can take great pride in the leadership it has shown in rallying the most advanced forces opposed to capitalism and imperialism. The international movement of Communist and workers parties owes the KKE a great debt for its tireless efforts to unite the movement at this time of great challenges. The KKE's confidence in the forces that will carry society forward to socialism sets an example to other parties as they face their own difficult situations. We look forward to strengthening the already close relations between our parties and to the results of your 19th Congress.

Bob Briton


International Department

Communist Party of Australia


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