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Info about the November 2010 elections

Messages of congratulations concerning the election results of the KKE were sent by:

Central pre-election rally of the KKE in Athens

Thousands of the people, especially young people sent a message of hope and optimism.

The KKE and “People’s Rally” issued a call to struggle, of hope and optimism, to all the people of Attiki from the massive central election rally that was held in the Pedion Areos square in Athens on the 3rd of November 2010. The GS of the CC of the KKE, Al. Papariga, Th. Paphilis, candidate for the regional prefecture of Attiki, member of the CC of the KKE and GS of the World Peace Council and N. Sophianos....

Pre-election rally of the KKE in Thessalonica

The KKE must be strengthened. It has been proved correct and know how to organize the people

The election campaign of the KKE continues throughout the whole of Greece in the run-up to the first round of the regional and municipal elections on the 7th of November. The KKE supports the lists of “People’s rally” which have been formed in the 13 regions of our country as well as in 260 municipalities.

The KKE and the battle of the local and regional elections

In-depth Article about the 2010 elections

On the 7th of November 2010, local and regional will be held in Greece. In contrast with the last set of local elections which were held 4 years ago, this time the voters will note vote in 57 prefectures and 1300 municipalities, but in 13 regions and 325 municipalities. This was the result of the merger of local government bodies, which was enforced by the “Kallikratis” plan, which was approved by the social democratic parliamentary majority, which aside from the merger of the municipalities into fewer and larger units and the replacement of the prefectures by regions, will lead to new and deep anti-people changes.

Map with the 13 regions of Greece
  1. Attiki
  1. Central Greece
  1. Thessaly
  1. Central Macedonia
  1. Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
  1. Western Macedonia
  1. Epirus
  1. Ionian islands
  1. Northern Aegean
  1. Southern Aegean
  1. Peloponnese
  1. Western Greece
  1. Crete

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