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photos / videos 2011

Moments from the class struggle during the period 2009-2011 and the role of the KKE

A video shown at the internationalist solidarity event held in honour of the fraternal delegations of the 13th IMCWP

[19.12.2011] For 50 days the strikers at “Greek Steelworks” remain unbowed

[28.11.2011] The strike at Greek Steelworks

[28.11.2011] The strike at Greek Steelworks

[17.11.2011] History is written with class struggle alliance

[15.11.2011] The hope for the people in the class struggle, in the social alliance

[04.11.2011] Rally of the KKE

[19-20.10.2011] Revealing video regarding the 48hr Strike on October 19 and 20, 2011 and the murderous attack against the large demonstration of PAME

[19.10.2011] The 2nd day of the nationwide general strike: Organized response to the anti-people plans and the provocateur mechanisms

[19.10.2011] An unprecedented sea of people in the majestic strike rally of PAME in Athens and in 70 other cities all across Greece

[03.10.2011] Event for the rehabilitation of Nikos Zachariadis

[29.09.2011] Mass and organized popular defiance to the head taxes

[21.09.2011] “We can stop them! We do not owe anything-We will not pay your head tax!”- Massive demonstration of PAME.

[19.09.2011] Festival of KNE: A huge demonstration for hope and struggle

[10.09.2011] Struggle in terms of class conflict

[02.09.2011] Against the anticommunist measures in Slovakia

[01 to 2.07.2011] The commons struggle of Greeks and immigrants

[29.06.2011] Greece goes on strike! Day 2. A big success of the activity of PAME

[28.06.2011] Greece goes on strike! Day 1.

[27.06.2011] Greece. Militant Action: A call for struggle from the Acropolis

[17.06.2011] A Powerful KKE in the struggles and elections

[15.06.2011] Massive strike of PAME- a response to the savage anti-labour assault

[08.06.2011]The People’s movement must target capital

[08.06.2011]Protest at the Lithuanian Embassy

[03.06.2011]3rd June 2011- Day of PAME Nationwide Activity

[28.05.2011]PAME's demonstrations in many Greek cities

[11.05.2011]General strike: Mass and decisive class response to the anti-worker assault see photos click here

[01.05.2011]May Day

[29.04.2011]Working Group Meeting

[19.04.2011]Massive Rally of the KKE in Athens

[07.04.2011]16th Congress of the WFTU: Internationalist class contribution to the global trade union movement

[08.04.2011]Greeting of the GS of the CC of the KKE, Al. Papariga, at a Meeting with the Congress Representatives of the WFTU

[22.03.2011]The GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, expressed the total opposition of the KKE to the imperialist intervention in Libya and the participation of Greece in the war for petrol and other energy resources, During the discussion, which took place in the Parliament on Tuesday afternoon 22nd March, at the request of the KKE.

[20.03.2011]Mass and dynamic reaction of the KKE against the imperialist war in Libya

[08.03.2011]International Women’s Day : Struggle for equality against class exploitation here to see the video        ...or here

[23.02.2011]Tremendous, mass, successful strike demonstrations of PAME in Greece

[23.02.2011]Tremendous, mass, successful strike demonstrations of PAME in Greece

[10.02.2011]Mobilization for the preparation and success of the strike on 23.02.2011

[22.01.2011]Meeting of the Balkan Communist and Workers' Parties in Thessaloniki

[04.01.2011]A celebration for the children of workers from all over the world!

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