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photos / videos 2012

[17.12.2012] Speech of Giorgos Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE, at the meeting of the CP of the Peoples of Spain on the EU

[25.11.2012] The KKE honoured its 94 year anniversary

[17.11.2012] A big anti-imperialist march to the US and Israeli embassies

[08.11.2012] Second day of the 48hr strike:Thousands of people took part in PAME’s rallies yesterday

[07.11.2012] First day of the 48hr strike: A large rally of determined workers

...or watch the video uploaded by PAME

PAME Strike 18/10/12 Response to the Barbaric Measures

...or watch the video uploaded by PAME

[09.10.2012] Class response to Merkel-EU-government

[04.10.2012] Dynamic mass demonstrations of the KKE all over the country

Strike on 26th September: Major participation in the strike-significant response to the anti-labour barbaric measures

[13 to 15.09.2012] On the Major Success of the 38th Festival KNE-Odigiti

[24.07.2012] Solidarity with the strike of the steelworkers: mass demonstrations of PAME across

[20.07.2012] The intimidation will not succeed- Solidarity with the heroic strike of the steelworker

[18.06.2012] Elections June, 2012

[14.05.2012] A major rally of the KKE in Athens

...or watch video
[02.05.2012] A Vast Crowd of People Attended the Election Rally of the KKE in Athens

...or click here to view a video
[01.05.2012] Workers May Day in Greece

[06.04.2012] The election activity of the KKE is in full swing

[05.04.2012] The strike struggle does not stop!

[21.03.2012] A weak bourgeois government means a strong people

Οn the lower right hand side of the image there is the button CC. Click on it to choose the subtitles in your language.
A video of the important strike struggle of the steel-workers

Οn the lower right hand side of the image there is the button CC. Click on it to choose the subtitles in your language.

[15.02.2012] Video: “regarding a lack of national sovereignty and inequality”

or see the PAME's video

[13.02.2012] The People’s anger will shatter the PASOK-ND coalition government

[11.02.2012] The KKE hung a banner from the rock of the Acropolis with the slogan:Down with the dictatorship of the monopolies-EU

[10.02.2012] 1st Day of the 48hr Strike: Strike struggle with the occupation of the Ministry of Labour


[09.02.2012] The Workers of “Greek Steelworks” celebrated 100 days on strike and continue in a determined manner

[07.02.2012] Loud strike message for the escalation of the working class struggle against the new round of barbaric measures

[03.02.2012] NO to all the drugs - Mass and militant youth demonstration of KNE in Athens, yesterday, against the legalization of drugs

[25.01.2012] Down with the government, troika out! Protest of PAME in Athens at the hotel where the troika is staying

[18.01.2012] Attica-wide general strike-Decisive escalation of the struggle

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